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What Play Looks Like

What Play Looks Like I could write pages and pages about dog body language and the various nuances that dogs communicate with their bodies, but today I am going to focus on play behavior and what it looks like. The weather is finally cooperating and we have already discussed the different things you can do with your dog this season …

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Breed of the Week: Vizsla


Vizsla Appearance: The Vizsla is a medium-sized hunting breed ranging from 21 to 24 inches in height. With a tight, short coat of reddish hue, this breed requires minimal grooming and most often has a tail docked to approximately 1/3 its natural length. The Vizsla has tight webbed feet and has relatively long limbs with a very lean body to …

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Heidi Hamels/Tiramisu (Foster) – Adopted

Hi I am Heidi Hamels, also known as Tiramisu, and I am a 2 year old brindle Pit mix. I weigh about 60 lbs and I am very social with people. I love to be pet and when I am, I start to wiggle and give lots and lots of kisses! I can be quite the smart girl who already …

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Spring Time Hazards

Spring Time Hazards Last week we touched on some great spring time activities for you and your pooch. This week I want to mention a few things you need to be aware of going into the spring season and how to best protect your pup. You’ve managed to survive the ice, salt, sleet and snow this season and hopefully you …

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Leo (Foster) – Adopted

Hey my name is Leo, short for Leonardo Dicaprio. I am a Bulldog/American Terrier/Staffordshire mix and I am almost 3 years old! You may have seen me on the Racheal Ray show, showing off my good looks and great temperament. I guess you can say I am famous now! I was brought into the Delaware County SPCA from a local …

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Rambo (Foster) – Adopted

Hey guys and gals! I am Rambo, a 4 month old Boxer/Lab mix. I was pulled from an animal control facility in North Carolina and brought up here to the Delaware County SPCA. Delco did some evaluations of me and realized that I am a bit of an unruly puppy. I like to nip people and other pups and did …

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Baily (Foster) – Adopted

Hi there, my name is Baily and I am a 1 year old male Shih Tzu mix. I have had a less than grand life so far. I was taken from a hoarding situation and surrendered to a local facility with my other canine friends. Delaware County SPCA helped out and took in a few of us and now were …

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Aspen Place

Breed of the Week: Maltese

Maltese Appearance: The Maltese is a diminutive dog weighing 4-7lbs. Most notable is the Maltese‚Äôs long white coat, black nose and eyelids. They require extreme grooming and coat care if left long or in show cut, but most owners keep their companions short all over for easier maintenance. Temperament: The Maltese is a toy breed with a bright and playful …

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Spring Fun With Your Pooch

Spring Fun With Your Pooch The winter weather has finally broken and what a winter it has been! Power outages, near constant snow and all around dark days, mean you might be a little behind on pampering your pooch. Now that the weather is finally cooperating, there are tons of fun things for you to do, many of which can …

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Breed of the Week: Boxer

Boxer Appearance: The Boxer stands at 21-25 inches and weighs approximately 55-70lbs with males being substantially larger than females. The Boxer is a square dog with a short back and tight dense coat. They require minimal grooming, though ears and wrinkles should be checked frequently. Like many bully breeds, the Boxer has a shortened muzzle and broad skull and comes …

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