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Does Your Dog Know What “Sit” Means?

Does Your Dog Know What “Sit” Means? You probably just scoffed when you read today‚Äôs topic and said, “Yes, of course my dog can sit.” And I would completely agree with you. Your dog can sit, he can bend his stifles forward and place his rump on the floor. All dogs can sit. However, does your dog know what the …

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Breed of the Week: Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback Appearance: Ridgebacks stand at 24-27 inches in height and weigh approximately 70-85lbs. The most distinctive physical feature of this breed is the ridge of hair that grows in the opposite direction down their back, giving them the name “Ridgeback.” While a percentage of purebred Ridgebacks aren’t born with ridges at all, this is still the clearly defining look …

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