A Four-legged Valentine


A Four-legged Valentine

A Four-legged Valentine

Are you planning to fall in love this Valentine’s Day? If you are thinking about bringing a new pet into your family- be aware, you will fall in love. Ask any dog owner(s) you know. They may be able to numerate their pets many failings, but inevitably they will also tell you how much they love their dog. If you are thinking about adding a puppy or dog to your life, there are many avenues you might be considering: an accredited breeder, the pet store nearby, or a rescue. Here at Perfect Pooch we donate our time and kennel space to a few lucky foster dogs from the Delaware County SPCA. These dogs get to spend their days in our daycare program exercising, socializing and waiting for the right forever home to come along.

Did you know that we have a full-time training staff with certified dog trainers? They would be happy to help you pick out the right dog for your family and lifestyle before you set your eyes on the first cute puppy out there. Not every dog or puppy is right for every house hold. For example, I am the Head Trainer here at Perfect Pooch and I spend a good portion of my day working with dogs and modifying behavior that is less than ideal. When I go home I don’t necessarily want to play fetch or go for a daily run so I chose a Bullmastiff when I was looking for the right puppy for me. Not to say that she is lazy – she is a therapy dog and competes in obedience – but she is definitely more of a cuddly couch potato than a Border Collie or Lab, and that suits my lifestyle well.

I love puppies. Everyone here at Perfect Pooch loves puppies. When you first see a fuzzy little bundle of golden soft fluff sleeping in your lap of course you can’t say no. But, do you really have the time and energy to work with an adult or adolescent Golden Retriever? Or maybe you’re the type who sees the big dinner plate paws of a Mastiff and can’t help but smile. Did you really think your 150+ pound adult would want to hang out at the beach with you next summer? It’s important to take all of the facts into consideration before adding a puppy to your life. Pick the right puppy for you, not just the cute one licking your chin.

For many people, an adult dog is really the way to go. Rescuing an adult generally means that you know who you’re getting when you get them. There’s often little, if any, house training to be done and all of the lovely teething and growing is over. You can see exactly what you’ll get. Many rescues or shelters know the personalities of the dogs that they have available and can tell you a lot more about an adult’s personality. We know our foster dogs inside and out. Many of them even go home with staff members for overnight trips or weekends. If you are interested in potentially adopting one of our foster dogs, please ask any of us or check out the Adoptions link on our website. We also encourage people to volunteer to spend time with our foster dogs and take them out on walks to new places.

Falling in love is amazing and falling for your new best friend is even better. Dogs love us unconditionally and without reserve. When you start thinking about your own furry Valentine, reach out to us here at Perfect Pooch and we can help you every step of the way. From choosing the right dog to training your old friend, we have the experience and expertise to support you and your pooch.

Tamar Paltin
Head Trainer- Perfect Pooch
BA, CPDT-KA, AKC CGC Evaluator