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Prey Drive and Play

Prey Drive and Play Dogs are descended from wolves. In fact, they are so closely related that they can interbreed and create viable young. Being that wolves are predators, this means that dogs also have a formidable prey drive. They enjoy the hunt! Through the process of domestication we have exaggerated some behaviors in some dogs and limited those behaviors …

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October Newsletter

Trick or Treat! The October edition of “The Pooch Press!” is pretty sweet! Top breed this month has been snatched by Pugs, as Tori gets blinded by our employee spotlight! This month we turn the focus of the foster dog section on a sweet but nervous pup named Dill!

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The Recall Game

The Recall Game Does your pooch come when you call them?  Do they come every time? One of the most common answers a trainer will hear when they ask this questions is, “she comes when she wants to” or “he comes when he knows he is getting something for it.” The biggest problem with this answer is that your dog must …

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Loose Leash Walking2

Loose Leash Walking

Loose Leash Walking We have already discussed various aspects of walking skills from the leash and other tools, how not to use a leash, and what to do if your dog is developing leash reactivity on walks. We have talked a lot about walking! Walking on leash is such an important part of the modern dog’s life that it warrants …

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Mr. Fluffington (Foster) ADOPTED

This cutie pie is Mr. Fluffington! He is a Collie blend who is approximately 8 months old and weighs about 35lbs. He is a recent arrival to our adoption center and while he loves the attention and love he gets from all of the staff and volunteers, he really does hope his stay is short! He is eagerly awaiting his …

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Dill 1

Dill (Foster) ADOPTED

This cutie pie is Dill! Dill is an 8 month old Shepherd blend who weighs around 33lbs. Dill is a happy boy who enjoys getting attention and is very cuddly! He gets along well with other dogs and can live with kids of any age! Already neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped, Dill is at Perfect Pooch in King of Prussia so …

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Crate Blog

Crate Games

Crate Games With school and work picking up for the Fall, there is a good chance that your dog is going to be spending more time in their crate if they are being crated when home alone. A crate is a great way to keep your dog, and your house, safe while you are away. Hopefully your dog loves their …

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Asking Questions

Asking Questions In the past few weeks, just as summer is drawing to a close and people are boarding their pets for last minute vacations, there have been a few news stories across the country of dogs ending up injured at the hands of so called “trainers.” See: Here, Here, or Here if you want to see just a few …

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September Newsletter

Here is the September edition of  “The Pooch Press!” as we slip into fall!  This month Poodles have claimed the breed of the month title while we turn our employee spotlight on Steve! Our awesome foster dog Herman is waiting to meet his furever family!

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People Greeting Dogs

People Greeting Dogs A few months ago we looked at how dogs greet each other on leash, or better yet, how they shouldn’t. We did not, however, address how you should greet dogs or ask people to greet your dog when they are on a leash. Earlier this week, I worked with a dog who is a little head shy, …

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