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When Training Isn’t Really Training

When Training Isn’t Really Training Most people think of training as teaching a dog to perform a behavior on command or cue. For example, teaching a dog to sit when given a “sit” cue.  This is definitely one aspect of training and can be hugely beneficial and fun, especially when training complex behaviors or silly tricks!  There is, however, another …

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June Newsletter

Welcome to another installment of “The Pooch Press!” In honor of the upcoming summer, June’s issue has info. on keeping your pet cool and comfy during the year’s hotter months. You will also get a chance to learn more about a beautiful pure bred boxer, Oscar, available for adoption today. Our spotlights include a long-time client’s dog, Rosa, the Norwegian Elkhound, and …

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day Dog Safety

Memorial Day Dog Safety Memorial Day is almost here! While we use this three day weekend to reflect and honor those who have served, along with it comes fireworks, picnics, and (finally!) the official start of summer. Unfortunately, a really fun event for you can be a really scary experience for your pooch. Here are just a few tips to make …

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Punishment Defined

What Is Punishment? We can go on and on about the costs and benefits of punishing a dog or using punishment in dog training (or anything else for that matter), but for now we will simply define punishment and try to take the ugliness out of the word. Punishment itself is not bad. It does not cause harm, and it …

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Oscar (Foster)

Now this is a face you can fall in love with quickly, eh? Meet Oscar, an awesome pure bred white boxer who is about 4 years old. He traveled all of the way from an overcrowded southern facility to join our awesome adoptables. Oscar does very well with other dogs but would prefer not to have a feline friend in …

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Uma (Foster) ADOPTED

Say Hello to Uma! Uma is a 4 month old puppy whose ready to meet you today. Uma was transferred to our facility from another shelter, and he quickly became a staff favorite! As with most puppies, Uma’s new owners should be prepared to take her to basic obedience classes, and they should have patience while Uma learns the housebreaking …

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May Newsletter

Welcome to another installment of “The Pooch Press!” This month has information on our special group training classes being offered this summer and as usual, you can learn more about our “Breed of the Month,” which happens to be the German Shepherd Dog. Our spotlighted two and four-legged friends include training superstar Charger the Boxer, our lead yard attendant Ed …

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Is it Time to Add a Second Dog?

Is Adding A Second Dog Right For You? You and your dog are settled in, you know what to expect and you’re enjoying the awesome relationship you have.  Puppyhood is over. You are finally done potty training and chew training, and all the extra work that comes with a young puppy.  Now is when many people start to think that …

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Donald Trump (Foster) ADOPTED

Donald Trump has made a visit to our adoption center!! Donald is an American Cocker Spaniel who is around 38lbs and 11 years old. Donald came to our adoption center from a local over-crowded facility and he’s come here in hopes of having a better chance of finding his forever home! Donald would love to move into a forever home …

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Bertha (Foster) ADOPTED

Meet our sweet girl Bertha! Bertha is a 7 year old, 9 pound Yorkie Brussels Griffon blend and just wants a home to call her very own! She is very dog friendly and 99% housebroken! Bertha would do best in a quieter home where she can get accustomed to her new surroundings. She is a very social gal and would …

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