Breed of the Week: Bernese Mountain Dog


Breed of the Week: Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog


Bernese Mountain Dogs stand at 23-27 inches and weigh approximately 100lbs.  A large dog with an expansive coat, this breed is most known for its tri-color pattern and expressive eyes.  The Bernese Mountain Dog requires moderate to excessive grooming and sheds year round.


The Bernese Mountain Dog was bred to pull weight in cool climates and should be strong, steadfast and confident.  Considered an excellent family dog, this breed does well with people and other animals though is not an ideal urban dog due to size and energy requirements.

Health Concerns:

The Bernese Mountain Dog is prone to a few health concerns, primarily of the hips and joints.  They also can have eye defects and can suffer from bloat, gastric torsion and bone cancers.

Fun Facts:

  • Bernese Mountain Dogs are one of four Swiss breeds with tri-color markings, though they are the only long hair version.
  • Functioning primarily as a drover and draft breed, the Bernese Mountain Dog is strong for their size and many owners continue their original purpose through a sport known as a carting.
  • Right after WWI the breed was almost completely gone. One gentleman by the name of Franz Schertenlieb gathered all existing specimens and revived the breed.