Breed of the Week: Boxer

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Breed of the Week: Boxer


The Boxer stands at 21-25 inches and weighs approximately 55-70lbs with males being substantially larger than females. The Boxer is a square dog with a short back and tight dense coat. They require minimal grooming, though ears and wrinkles should be checked frequently. Like many bully breeds, the Boxer has a shortened muzzle and broad skull and comes in varieties of fawn and brindle coloration.

The Boxer is an active and alert breed that will react to most sounds and movement so may not be an ideal apartment dog. Considered outgoing and confident, the Boxer is a friendly companion and does well with children given adequate socialization. Somewhat clown like, the Boxer is generally considered easy to train and excels at learning new things.

Health Concerns:
The Boxer, unfortunately, is one of the breeds with the highest risk of developing cancer and is prone to cardiac problems as well. The average lifespan of the Boxer is 9-11 years.

Fun Facts:
• The Boxer was one of the first breeds selected in Germany for police training.
• The Boxer became popular in the United States after WWII when soldiers brought them home as retired attack and military dogs.
• Boxers that are more than 1/3 white cannot be registered with most canine registries, including AKC and CKC, and are more prone to deafness, blindness, and skin cancer. Boxers with solid black areas are also faulted but usually they have some brindle markings that are difficult to see without direct sunlight.