Breed of the Week: Bull Terrier

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Breed of the Week: Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier


A strongly built muscular dog, the Bull Terrier is most often characterized by its wedge or football shaped head with small triangular eyes.  The skull of the Bull Terrier slopes down towards their nose without an obvious stop or muzzle line.  Coat care is minimal, however, the white variety may need more skin care if exposed to the sun.  The Bull Terrier stands at 18-22inches and weighs approximately 50-85lbs.  There is also a miniature version of the Bull Terrier.


Clownish and generally outgoing, the Bull Terrier requires extensive socialization to be friendly with other pets.  Not typically recommended for first time dog owners, Bull Terriers require an experienced trainer and adequate space to exercise. They may not be ideal for apartment life.

Health Concerns:

Deafness is relatively common in the breed, with white Bull Terriers having more concerns than the colored variety.  Luxating Patellas and kidney disease are also prevalent.

Fun Facts:

  • In the early 1900s, Bull Terriers were crossed with brindle Staffordshires to produce a colored variety. So today they come in two varieties, the White and the Colored. The modern white Bull Terrier often sports a colored patch on its head.
  • Bull Terriers are known to have an affinity for toys and often are pictured carrying multiple tennis balls at the same time.
  • The mascot for Target© is a white Bull Terrier with a target painted over her left eye.  The first Bull Terrier used by the corporation was AKC Ch. Kingsmere Moondoggie also called “Smudgie” and the current Bull Terrier is out of Skyline kennel- the mascot is always referred to as “Bulls Eye.”