Breed of the Week: Maltese

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Breed of the Week: Maltese


The Maltese is a diminutive dog weighing 4-7lbs. Most notable is the Maltese’s long white coat, black nose and eyelids. They require extreme grooming and coat care if left long or in show cut, but most owners keep their companions short all over for easier maintenance.

The Maltese is a toy breed with a bright and playful personality. Generally friendly and affectionate, this breed does well in almost any environment and is popular in urban areas. The Maltese does well with children and other pets, though their small size and fragility need to be taken into account to prevent accidental injuries.

Health Concerns:
Due to their light colored skin and coat, the Maltese is prone to sunburn and needs extra protection from the elements. They also can suffer from skin allergies and joint disorders.

Fun Facts:
• The Maltese is seen in history recorded as far back as 28 centuries as “ye ancient dogge of malta”
• The ancient Greeks erected tombs for deceased Maltese
• Though small and often not taken seriously, the Maltese is a quick learner and often exhibits dancing behavior