Breed of the Week: Samoyed

Samoyed 2

Breed of the Week: Samoyed



The Samoyed is a powerful working dog that stands 19-23 inches and weighs approximately 40-65lbs with females being smaller than males.  They are a spitz-type breed and meant to work in cold weather so they have a dense double layer white coat that can range from pure white to biscuit and requires lots of regular grooming and maintenance, males especially have a significant ruff around their chest and head.  One of the classic features of the breed are their dark eyes and black rimmed lips giving them the appearance of a permanent smile.


Being a working breed, the Samoyed requires a fair amount of exercise and stimulation and does best in suburban or rural environments.  They have a generally friendly disposition and do well with children and pets when well socialized.  They are also considered a good performance breed and do well in Rally, Obedience, and Agility.

Health Concerns:

Samoyeds have a few unique health concerns due to the limited number of breeding dogs founding the breed, Samoyed Hereditary Glomerulopathy which affects the kidneys and should be screened for in breeding dogs.  They are also susceptible to diabetes and eye issues as they age.

Fun Facts:

  • Of all modern breeds, Samoyeds are considered to be one of the closest to primitive dogs, having been developed in the Arctic, away from the influence of other dog breeds.
  • Roald Amundsen was accompanied by Samoyeds on his famous landmark reach of the South Pole in 1911.
  • Queen Alexandra was a big fan of the breed, many of her dogs can be found in the liege of American and British Samoyeds.