Breed of the Week: Vizsla

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Breed of the Week: Vizsla



The Vizsla is a medium-sized hunting breed ranging from 21 to 24 inches in height. With a tight, short coat of reddish hue, this breed requires minimal grooming and most often has a tail docked to approximately 1/3 its natural length. The Vizsla has tight webbed feet and has relatively long limbs with a very lean body to allow work up field and in water.

The Vizsla is a lively and friendly breed that requires plenty of exercise. Generally friendly with strangers and other animals, this is a great breed for an active social family, though they do not always do well in urban environments. Vizsla also require plenty of mental stimulation and do well with an owner dedicated to training.

Health Concerns:
Vizslas are prone to many of the same health issues that plague other similarly sized dogs- notably dysplasia, thyroid issues and epilepsy. Proponents of the Wire-Haired Vizsla contend that the wiry variety have less line breeding and may be healthier.

Fun Facts:
• The Vizsla is a Hungarian breed that was developed to meld the skills of pointers and retrievers. They are used in both varieties of hunting today.
• Hungarians who fled the Russian occupation in 1945 smuggled their Vizslas out of the country and are credited with helping to save the breed as it almost disappeared during WWII.
• Vizsla are affectionately known as “Velcro dogs” by their owners as they often stick close to their families and follow them from room to room.