Breed of the Week: Weimaraner


Breed of the Week: Weimaraner



The Weimaraner stands at 23-27 inches at the shoulder and weighs approximately 55-80 lbs.  This breed is designed for speed and endurance which is evident in its barrel chest and tight muscle tone. It also has a short, sleek coat ranging from pale silver to dark grey.  The Weimaraner requires minimal grooming and has a docked tail and often removed dewclaws.  The overall impression should be powerful but light.


The Weimaraner was bred to be a hunting dog so generally has a confident and outgoing personality.  Requiring moderate or more exercise, this breed requires space and does not do well in urban environments unless special care is given to exercise the dog.  Weimaraners excel at obedience, hunting and other active sports.  They generally do well with children as well though they need socialization with other pets early if they are to live with them without giving chase.

Health Concerns:

Weimaraners have a deep chest which puts them at risk for bloat or gastric torsion so care must be taken when feeding this breed.  They also have a tendency to develop allergies and potential joint diseases with age.

Fun Facts

  • The Weimaraner only dates back to the early 1800s in Germany where the now prevalent grey coat was selectively bred out of various hunting stock.
  • The Eisenhower’s had a Weimaraner named Heidi living in the white house during the presidency.
  • Artist and photographer William Wegman utilizes Weimaraners in his books recounting children’s tales by dressing them up as the characters.