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Luring & Rewarding vs. Bribing

Luring & Rewarding vs. Bribing If you have trained with Perfect Pooch this year, you probably heard a lot about rewarding your dog for 90% of their good behaviors until they have a 90% proficiency rate.  You were probably also told, more than once, to get the treat out of your command hand!  Why is it so important to reward …

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Back to School

Back to School Summer is officially over. It may not feel that way outside, but kids are back to school this week and the daylight hours are dwindling.  All that free time at home and extra hours playing outside are over, for you and for your dog.  As the school year routine kicks into full gear, it is important to remember that …

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Rituals: What They Are & How They Can Be Awesome

Rituals: What They Are & How They Can Be Awesome Most people have some sort of ritual behavior that they engage in daily with their dog.  For some people this is their morning walk along the same route, for others it might be a few minutes of cuddling in bed before starting the day.  Maybe you always greet your dog …

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“Small Dogs” Are Still Dogs

“Small Dogs” Are Still Dogs Plenty of people, and I’m sure you know at least one person like this, make excuses for their small dog’s poor behavior. And let’s be honest, a growling Chihuahua is definitely less threatening than a growling German Shepherd.  It’s also a little less weird to see someone toting around a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in a bag …

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Resource Guarding

Resource Guarding

Resource Guarding Resource guarding is a challenging and potentially dangerous behavior where a dog does not allow people or other dogs near a resource.  That sounds fairly vague but most people can easily imagine a dog “guarding” a bone or another precious item. The guarding behavior can generally be seen as the following: stiffening when approached, showing whale-eye or the whites …

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Why Hire A Trainer?

Why Hire A Trainer? As a professional dog trainer, I often get caught up in conversations online and in person where I advise people to find a certified dog trainer. I tend to get a bunch of excuses or “reasons” why that’s not an option.  This actually just happened to me last week on a social media site where an acquaintance …

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Dogs & Generalizing

Dogs & Generalizing You may or may not have heard that dogs are poor at generalizing and that you should practice in all different places.  What exactly does this mean? Generalizing a behavior for your dog means teaching them that a cue means the same thing in any environment or scenario.  For example, “sit” means “put your bottom on the ground” …

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Dogs and Babies: How the Two Should Meet

Dogs and Babies: How the Two Should Meet If you are expecting a new baby, there are plenty of things you can do to make the introduction to your dog easier on all parties involved.  The best time to start working with your dog in preparation for a new baby is as soon as you find out you are expecting a …

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Begging What is begging? Begging is what we call a dog’s general behavior when they bother their humans during meals or for attention/play.  Why do dogs beg? Because they are not dumb and you have something they want and maybe, just maybe, you have rewarded this behavior in the past accidentally or on purpose. Remember rewarded behavior will be repeated; …

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Hand Targets

Hand Targets If you read the last Perfect Pooch blog ( you already know that many dogs do not really know how a recall works or why it’s worth it to come when called.  Hopefully you have been working on this super important behavior and plan to continue working on it for the life of your dog. Remember- if you don’t …

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