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Recall – Why Most Dogs Don’t Really Know How

Recall – Why Most Dogs Don’t Really Know How Recall is a fancy word for being able to call your pooch back to you at any time.  This behavior is typically considered one of the most important behaviors a dog living in our society must be able to do. A recall is only as good as its reinforcement history allows it to …

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Dominance 2

Dogs and Dominance

Dominance “See? He’s trying to dominate me!” “Won’t he think he’s in charge?” No. No, your dog is doing whatever he is doing because either he doesn’t understand the consequence or he enjoys the consequence. No, your dog does not think he is in charge of you. Is he the one filling the food bowl and getting out the toys? This …

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When You’re Done Training, Now What?

When You’re Done Training, Now What? When asked, “Have you started any training with your dog?” many owners report that they have already completed training.  They’ve taken a pet store class or two, or maybe they had a trainer come to the house soon after getting their puppy and now they’re done.  So they say.  When you ask a trainer …

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Dog Greetings

Dog Greetings In honor of “National Dog Bite Prevention Week” (May 18-24, 2014), here are a few reminders regarding dog to dog greetings.  Most bites to other dogs occur when dogs are improperly introduced or put in a situation where they feel the need to overreact in order to defend themselves.   Just to be clear, only dogs with a known …

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Summer Gatherings: Safety For You and Your Dog

Summer Gatherings: Safety For You and Your Dog Summer is approaching and that means tan lines, cold drinks and gatherings with your friends, family and pooch! Here are some tips to keep in mind during your outdoor gatherings and barbecues: Summer is grilling season and that means you’ll have to be careful of where your dog is, especially while your …

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The Leash

  The Leash I see dozens, if not hundreds, of dogs each week and every dog is generally wearing some combination of a collar,  harness and/or leash.  Unfortunately, most of the dogs I see do not understand the purpose of the leash or are being walked on an inappropriate leash. What’s the big deal?  A leash is essentially some form …

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Does Your Dog Know What “Sit” Means?

Does Your Dog Know What “Sit” Means? You probably just scoffed when you read today’s topic and said, “Yes, of course my dog can sit.” And I would completely agree with you. Your dog can sit, he can bend his stifles forward and place his rump on the floor. All dogs can sit. However, does your dog know what the …

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What Play Looks Like

What Play Looks Like I could write pages and pages about dog body language and the various nuances that dogs communicate with their bodies, but today I am going to focus on play behavior and what it looks like. The weather is finally cooperating and we have already discussed the different things you can do with your dog this season …

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Spring Fun With Your Pooch

Spring Fun With Your Pooch The winter weather has finally broken and what a winter it has been! Power outages, near constant snow and all around dark days, mean you might be a little behind on pampering your pooch. Now that the weather is finally cooperating, there are tons of fun things for you to do, many of which can …

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Dealing With A Cone Head In The House

Dealing With A Cone Head in the House If your dog has ever been injured or had surgery, you most likely know what an Elizabethan collar, or a cone, is and how frustrating it can be for both you and your dog. An e-collar ensures that your dog cannot lick, chew, scratch or rub his face and many vets recommend …

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