December Newsletter

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December Newsletter

Happy Holidays from the Perfect Pooch family! The December edition of “The Pooch Press!” is focused on the ones around us who gift us with their love and energy everyday! This month, we are celebrating all dogs in our society and in our facility and we are giving back to dogs who have been adopted this year. In that spirit we’re featuring a unique foster named Bruiser, while also recognizing one of our longest serving employees, Sarah Ross, an integral part of our management team and foster program!  We are so thankful for all of our clients, but we want to highlight one particular family who is not only very involved in our pooch pack, but makes an effort to help out dog in need- please take a moment to read about the Alexaki boxer crew!

Breed of the Month — Adopted!

We are so fortunate in this day and age that dogs can simply be loved family members.  When breeds were initially developed they each had a purpose and a job in mind- only dogs who performed well were lucky enough to pass on their genes to the next generation.  Now that we have machines and tools to do many of the jobs that dogs used to do for us, we get to experience having dogs in our homes as part of our families.  This shift in purpose has benefited both people and dogs and has allowed for us to utilize dogs in new and amazing ways- from guide dogs to detection dogs- we are only now delving into the amazing things these animals can do for us. It has also left a void for some dogs so this month, as the holidays approach, we would like to show our gratitude to all dogs and focus on dogs who have been in tough situations or found themselves without a family through no fault of their own but persevered and found themselves adopted!

All dogs who have been adopted in 2015 receive a FREE NAIL TRIM in the month of December!

Featured Foster Bruiser!

Bruiser the Hound

Age: 1 Year 4 Months

Size: Medium/Slim

Energy level: High


Meet our happy boy, Bruiser! Bruiser is a young Border Collie/Terrier blend who is just over a year old. Bruiser has participated in our doggy play groups and is a dog friendly, playful boy! He’s looking for his forever home and is ready to go home with his forever family today! Bruiser loves people and dogs so much that he would prefer a home without any feline companions. Bruiser would do well with slightly older children who can keep up with his active playstyle. Bruiser is already neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped so come visit Bruiser today at Perfect Pooch in King of Prussia. Call to set up a meeting @ 610-337-7698

Employee Spotlight

Sarah Ross
Sarah has been an integral member of the Pooch from the very beginning- she even helped move us into our new facility on the very first day it opened!  All of our clients can easily recognize her pictures on social media since she often has a small dog in her arms or a large dog in her lap; Sarah is a leader for all of our dog care staff and spends much of her time hands on with the dogs ensuring their comfort and safety.

  • Sarah’s own pack can often be seen around the Pooch and may even be growing this winter (look for pictures of her new puppy soon!)
  • Living with rescued dogs herself, Sarah continues to assist dogs in need by taking home foster dogs to ensure their safety with cats and get them used to a home environment before making recommendations about their future adopters.
  • Sarah has also been a huge part of the growth of our facility and is always working to improve our facilities and protocols.
Training Tips – Holiday Heroes!

Dogs in Our Society!
Keeping in mind that the holidays are a perfect time to celebrate those in our society who give to others or who may need help, this month we will take a moment to focus on a few awesome assistants and dogs in need.




Dogs in the Military! Stubby the Pitbull may be the most decorated dog in US Military History! He was stationed on the Western Front during WWI and is credited with 17 battles and saving hundreds of lives from mustard gas attacks and German spies.  While Pitbulls are not seen as often in the army today, we still utilize canine soldiers and canine officers in our police forces- the most common breeds are Belgian Malinois and German Shepherds.  If you are considering donating to a great cause this holiday season, think about donating a stocking to canine soldiers overseas or adopting a retired detection dog!

Dogs in Need!  Going into this holiday season many people may be considering adding a new pet to the family. If you happen to be considering a new furry family member, why not rescue a dog in need? While finding the perfect breeder and puppy can be an amazing experience (and we definitely want to meet any puppy you bring home!), there are plenty of dogs waiting for homes in shelters right now and you can find any age and breed you desire. Sometimes it can be helpful to get an older puppy who may be able to hold their bladder longer and may be past teething on your belongings and friends! We currently work with Delaware County SPCA and New Leash on Life – USA if your are looking for a good place to start your search!  Once you pick your new friend, please don’t hesitate to ask us for assistance with training, socialization, or any advice.

Client Spotlight












Rocky, Pounce, Maddie (& Hooch!)

The Alexaki crew is made up of a few very active boxer siblings!  The three permanent pups: Rocky, Pounce, and Maddie can often be seen hanging around the Pooch and both young gentlemen have utilized our training services and continue to be a part of our enrichment program!  Ongoing training is extremely important when you have this many active boxers in one household.  In the spirit of giving, we are highlighting this crew particularly because of our buddy Hooch who is currently being fostered by this boxer loving crew for Adopt A Boxer Rescue (  Hooch has special needs but that doesn’t slow this dude down a bit!  Please ask us for details if you are interested in adding a sweet social boxer to your home for the holidays!

Check it Out!

Season’s Groomings!

Tis the season to be giving! $3 from each add-on kennel service, (bath or nail trim) will be donated to the Delco SPCA. Additionally, if you donate an item to either The Laurel House or the Delco SPCA you will receive $5 off any add-on kennel service of your choice!