Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I enroll my dog at Perfect Pooch?
Here at Perfect Pooch, we require all of our dogs to pass a temperament evaluation prior to using our services. In order to set up an evaluation time, please call us at 610-337-7698 to schedule an appointment. Please remember to bring current vaccination records and feel free to print and bring along a completed New Client Intake Packet.

2. What does the temperament evaluation entail?
Because your dog’s safety is our number one priority, we require a basic temperament evaluation for all new dogs. The evaluation consists of observation of your dog interacting with other dogs in the play yards to ensure friendliness and responsiveness to our staff. This is essentially a free day of daycare, so while we need your dog to remain with us for approximately three hours to get a good idea of their play style and energy level, we encourage you to take advantage of this free day and allow your dog to play up until our closing time. At the time of your dog’s evaluation we will also offer you a tour of our facility so that you can see where your pet will play and rest.

3. How much does the evaluation cost?
The evaluation itself is completely free. However, once your dog passes, there is a one-time $50 membership fee due the next time you come in to use our services. This membership fee goes toward all of our first aid, house food and supply expenses.

4. Does my dog have to be neutered/spayed?
We require your dog to be spayed/neutered if they are over one year of age. Please keep in mind that an intact dog could cause disruption in the yard (due to excessive mounting, a female going into heat, etc.). If it were to become an ongoing problem, we would not be able to allow your dog in the yard anymore. *Please do not bring your dog if she is in heat!

5. What vaccinations do you require?
We require Rabies and Distemper (DHLPP/DA2PP) vaccinations. We do not require Bordetella (Kennel Cough), but we do strongly recommend it. Additionally, per PA State Law, we must have a copy of the Rabies Certificate with either the vet’s signature or license number.

6. What is a typical day at Perfect Pooch like for my dog?
Both our daycare and boarding dogs play in artificially turfed yards, which are separated by dog size and play type, from 7:00am until 10:00am. Our boarding dogs (and daycare dogs who brought a lunch) go into an individual crate inside of our climate-controlled kennel for a mid-day feed and rest period until 1:00pm. At that time, the dogs go back out to their respective yards to continue playing until they are picked up from daycare. If they are boarding, they go back into their individual crate for their dinner at 7:00pm.

7. What happens when there is inclement weather?
Our new indoor facility allows our dogs to play in all types of weather! Our 3 acre facility is now accompanied by a 4,000 square foot turfed and climate controlled addition. The building is equipped with multiple garage doors that allow us to give dogs access to both indoor and outdoor play yards or contain them in the heated areas on those extremely cold and windy days.

8. Where does my dog sleep at night?
Your dog will be sleeping in an individual crate, which is large enough for your dog to be able to stand up and turn around completely, without touching the sides. There are composite plastic trays that will be underneath your dog for comfort as well as safety. The crates are housed inside of our climate-controlled kennel. Your dog will be comforted by soft music and will quickly fall asleep after his long day of playing!
*We do have a limited number of stand-up kennels for our larger breeds, pairs or elderly clients!

9. What should I bring with my dog when I drop him off for boarding?
All you need to bring with you is your dog on a leash, his food and any other necessities, such as medication or vitamins. You can bring in the whole bag of food, premeasured Ziplocs©/containers, or whichever is easiest for you! We provide all bowls and have plenty of measuring scoops. If you forgot to bring your dog’s food, we do have different varieties of house food we can provide for $2/cup. If your dog has medication, we provide peanut butter and cream cheese. However, if you use something specific that you know your dog will enjoy, please feel free to bring that with you.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept toys, beds/blankets, or bones. We do our best to maintain a safe environment for your dog during his stay and take all necessary precautions. While your dog may be comfortable in your own home, he could become anxious overnight and begin to chew at those items and they become a choking hazard. *Accommodations will be applied for elderly or injured dogs.

10. Is there always staff supervision of the dogs during play time?
Your dog’s safety is of our utmost priority. There is always at least one qualified employee per yard supervising the play and interaction of our dogs. If there is a dog in a yard, there will always be a staff member present.

11. Do I need to make a reservation for daycare? Boarding?
You never need to call ahead for daycare – you can just show up! For your convenience, we do not have specific drop-off or pick-up times; you can do so any time during our operating hours. For boarding, we recommend at least 48 hours during our non-peak season. For our busier times, such as holidays and during the summer, we recommend at least one week to ensure availability. Reservations can be made online or over the phone.

12. What if I am away on vacation and my dog gets sick?
We know that sometimes illnesses and injuries can happen, so we are prepared to deal with them quickly and effectively when they do arise. We have a great relationship with many vets in our area and keep a stock of chicken, rice and other bland diet options for the occasional upset stomach. In the case of a more serious injury or lapse in health, you or your emergency contact will be notified immediately and will be updated throughout the entire recovery process. In the event where we feel a veterinary visit is needed and your pet cannot be seen by your usual vet, we will likely use the King of Prussia Veterinary Hospital (with your permission, of course). We are also near an emergency 24-hour animal hospital. If your pet needs to stay with us after a planned surgery or while recovering from a non-contagious illness, we can accommodate them with individual or limited supervised play.