February Newsletter

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February Newsletter

Love is in the air at the Perfect Pooch! The February edition of “The Pooch Press!” is full of new and exciting tips and announcements you will just adore! Rottweiler’s have been bestowed with “Breed of the Month” while our employee spotlight falls on our Front-End Lead Rob Koecher. Meet our foster Duke or just brush up on your training tips. No matter what draws you in, you’ll definitely find something in this months newsletter to make you say, “that’s amore”!

Breed of the Month — Rottweiler!

Rottweilers were officially recognized by the AKC in 1931 but have been known to humans as far back as the Roman Empire as descendants of ancient Roman drover dogs! Originally used herd and protect livestock on German farms, they eventually came to be called Rottweiler Metzgerhunds, or butcher dogs, during the Middle-Ages. They would wear the butcher’s spare change around their necks to protect profits. At the start of World War 1 Germany began repurposing the dogs as police dogs and put into service in various roles, including as messenger, ambulance, draught, and guard dogs. Rottweilers come in three recognized coat variations and require moderate exercise and minimal grooming. The AKC describes these dogs as a loving, loyal and confident guardians that are reserved with strangers and extra cuddly with family- you couldn’t have a better valentine this year than a Rottweiler!

All Rottweiler and Rottweiler mixes receive a FREE NAIL TRIM in the month of February!

Featured Foster !


Age: 2 Years 7 Months

Size: Large

Energy level: High



“Howdy fellas! My name is Duke and I’m a big ol’ boy ready for some fun! You see, I love the outdoors and love playing. I’m all play all day so I hope you’re ready to keep up with me. My story is one like many-a homeless dog…my owner ditched me and boy was I afraid I wasn’t going to be rescued. But then that hero at the Delco SPCA- Officer Ron is his name- he saved the day, and my life! I feel lucky that the nice folks at the Delco SPCA Adoption Center have given me time to show my best self because I reckon, I just wasn’t ready for a while to let someone into my heart. But now I am and I’m having a great time! I spent some time with the Dog Trotters while I was at the Adoption Center – I can run anywhere from 4-6 miles! I’m a great runnin’ buddy! I also get to practice understanding strange words, like sit, down and touch and if I do what the trainer wants, I get treats and lots of praises. And I gotta admit I loooovvveee being told I’m the best boy around! So contact the wonderful staff over at Perfect Pooch in King of Prussia to learn more about me and to set up a meeting with me at (610) 337-7698! I could live with other kids and would be so happy to have another dog around to play with. Yeehaw!!”

“OOPS – One more thing! Someone loves me so much that they’ve generously donated my adoption fee! That means I could go to yer lovin’ forever home for free!”

Employee Spotlight

Rob Koecher
Meet Rob our Front End Lead! Born in Fort Knox, Kentucky Rob moved to the Pennsylvania area when he was ten and has never regretted his decision. A graduate of Central Bucks West, Rob first started in animal work at Doggone Daycare which he then took over until Beginning his first stint at Perfect Pooch. After gaining much expertise with us he moved on to Ark Veterinary Hospital. Realizing home is where the heart is, Rob has returned to the Pooch, filling the gaping hole left in our staff and our hearts at the loss of Sara Rooney.

  • Rob lives with his good friends Sarah and Lisa and his two dogs Link the crazy Boston Terrier and Moe the Frenchie
  • Rob is a certified firefighter and black belt which helps him to bring the pain to those violent fires.
  • Rob is an avid collector, what seems like hoarding is actually one of his biggest hobbies. Rob collects tobacciana, comics, board games and classic video games.
Training Tips – Adding a New Dog to the House!

Going Home!
Bringing a new dog home can be very exciting!  However for the dogs involved it can be a really stressful situation; while sometimes you can’t help but introduce your dogs in a non ideal situation- there are a few ways you can smooth the road for your dogs so that the transition to a multi-dog household goes as well as possible.  While neutral territory walks are a great way to start the bonding process, sometimes you just needs to bring new dogs inside- especially winter guests!

Take it Easy! Whether you are fostering a dog short term or adding a new permanent family member- chill out!  Take your time!  There’s no rush- if you have a resident adult dog, whether or not they love every dog they meet, take your time and let the dogs get to know each other slowly.  In general it takes about three weeks of extreme management and separation for dogs to start ignoring each other and relax- if you can keep them separate during this time that would be ideal.

Smell- See- Touch!  Dogs learn a lot through their noses.  During the initial separation period, rotating the dogs through the house so that they can get used to each other’s smell will help them acclimate to their new family members.  This is especially useful before and after potty breaks- take one dog out, and after they come back you can take the other one out.  After a few days of smell only contact you can add sight- using a baby gate or on opposite sides of a fence you can let the dogs see each other.  Only add a new sense when they seem calm and relaxed, no touching until they can relax within a few feet of each other or can comfortable go on walks together on lead.  By going slow you can push the odds in your favor and ensure a smooth transition!

Client Spotlight








This month we’d like to shine our client spotlight on Cronus, a special friend of ours who’s been coming here forever. Part Akita and part Malamute, we at The Pooch just refer to him as the Wolfman because he looks just like a direwolf from “Game of Thrones”. A laid back guy, when it comes to Cronus’ stays with us, rest and relaxation are a goal for him that is always met.

Check it Out!

Perfect Poo(ch) Wastebags!






Are you tired of running to a neighbor or buying a candy bar you shouldn’t be eating, just for a bag? While walking your dog(s) nature can call them at anytime and they usually answer on the first ring. Perfect Pooch is excited to announce that we now offer refillable waste bag dispensers. For $4 you can clip this snazzy dispenser on to your dog’s leash, a keychain, a purse or even a belt loop. Exclusively in Dark Blue, these bags do exactly what you want, keep your dog’s poop off of your hands.