House Training 101

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House Training 101

House Training 101

House training your new puppy is vital to ensure that your puppy doesn’t go to the bathroom in the house or other undesired areas. This process is extremely important and requires patience as well as consistency. The more consistent you are with the following steps, the faster your puppy will learn the appropriate behavior.

Having your dog on a regular schedule will teach her that there are specific times to eat, drink, go to the bathroom, play, etc. In general, try not to leave your dog for many hours without being taken outside for a bathroom break. For those who work a long day, it may be beneficial to hire a dog walker to give your dog potty breaks. Ideally, you should be taking your puppy out at least every two hours during the day, right after she wakes up and after eating or drinking.

Remember to reward your puppy for eliminating outdoors. Immediately after she is done eliminating outside, praise her and/or give her a tasty treat. Do not wait until after you’ve come back into the house! This is a common mistake. You want to reward the elimination outside – not the fact you are now standing in the kitchen.

Some other tips for house training are:
• Monitoring your puppy’s water intake. You can pick up the bowl certain times of the day to ensure she isn’t drinking too much and then having to relieve herself inside.
• Keeping a close eye on your puppy during times she is in the house. You can tether her to a piece of furniture or have her on a leash attached to you. This will allow you to monitor if she is displaying behaviors that may indicate she has to go (sniffing, pacing, whining), etc.
• Confine your puppy (in a crate or small area) so that she will not want to eliminate in the space. You want the area to be big enough for your puppy to stand, turn around and lay down in.

During house training, you’re bound to have an accident here and there while your dog is learning. When an accident occurs, here are some things to remember:
• If you are present when your puppy is eliminating, interrupt her
• You don’t want to scare your puppy, but try to make a startling sound or a word, then immediately bring her outside. Praise her for going and provide a treat when she has finished outside
• It is essential that you do not punish your puppy for having an accident in the house. If your puppy has already relieved herself inside before you could catch her in the act, it is too late to take any action other than to clean the spot thoroughly

With some patience, consistency and good timing, your puppy will be well on her way to understanding that going outside is the place to go!

Erika Gonzalez
Trainer, Perfect Pooch