January Newsletter

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January Newsletter

Happy New Years from the Perfect Pooch family! The January edition of “The Pooch Press!” is looking forward to what is new and exciting at the Pooch this year!  2015 went out with a bang and we are so excited to be heading into 2016 with you!

Breed of the Month — Basset Hound!

Basset Hounds were officially recognized by the AKC in 1935 but these low key charmers have been popular throughout Europe for quite a bit longer.  A low level dog, the Basset is well known for its excess skin and lack of energy. A great family pet who needs quite a bit of early training and socialization as these hounds are not well known for their recall, they are much better at following their nose than their name!  They have short glossy coat that can come in any of nine colors and patterns and requires very little coat care, though their wrinkles do need some maintenance.  If you stop by the Pooch this month you might notice a new Basset baby in our midst… Be sure to ask to meet him and get some puppy kisses in!

All Bassett Hounds and Basset mixes receive a FREE NAIL TRIM in the month of January!

Featured Foster Jade!


Age: 1.5 Years

Size: Medium

Energy level: Mostly low

Only a few hours before she was scheduled to be euthanized, Jade was given a second chance — the shelter where she was being held decided to give her just one more day. Well, in the course of that one extra day, one of DogsHome’s fosters saw the “URGENT” post on Facebook and gave them a call. The rest, as they say, is history. Jade is just 1 1/2 years old and arrived at the shelter as a cruelty case. She had a case of non-contagious (demodectic) mange — which is very itchy and uncomfortable — and had also been hit by a car, but was never taken by her owner to the vet for treatment. Fortunately, she didn’t suffer any permanent damage from the car accident. This little pit mix is a playful love of a girl, who seems to get along with everyone and everything! So come visit Jade today at Perfect Pooch in King of Prussia. Call to set up a meeting @ 610-337-7698.

Employee Spotlight

Kevin Lehman
Kevin is the Owner and President of Perfect Pooch. Many of you have probably seen him around the Pooch doing odd jobs and haven’t even realized it!  Kevin worked at our original facility down the road then opened our current location a few years ago and now constantly works to improve our facilities and processes.  He is also one of resident photographers and takes many of the photos you see of your dogs playing in our yards.


  • Kevin’s five dogs spend most days in our play yards and have grown up socializing with all sorts of dogs who come here to play!
  • Kevin’s degree in Mechanical Engineering may not sound like a dog based science but it sure has come in handy around our property!  From building our front desk and some of our kennels to designing our play yards, Kevin has had a hands on approach to this business.
  • Along with Sarah and the rest of the back end team, Kevin can often be found out in the yards with the dogs and if you look closely at some of our weekend summer pictures you might even spot his older son Ben in the small dog yard!
Training Tips – Winter Woes!

Routines- keep ’em up!
The holidays are over and everyone is getting back into their regular routines, unless of course you welcomed a new dog into your home for the holidays!  In that case your new furry family member is getting used to a whole new routine and needs to know what to expect. Either way it is very important to establish a regular and predictable pattern for your pooch and stick to it.



Puzzle Toys! We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, make your pup work for their meal!  Its getting cold out (or at least it should be) and your pooch still needs a work out, so why not use their food to help them get a little energy out indoors?  Purchase, or make, a couple different options and alternate them throughout the week so that your dog can have some real stimulation and not get bored.  There are plenty of resources online for plans or products and you can get as thrifty and creative as you’d like!

Winter Safety!  Paw-tection and winter coats may be on the agenda for your pet, particularly if they have a short coat or walk on cement throughout the winter.  There are a variety of options available from paw waxes to booties (we like mushers paw wax if your neighborhood uses salt to prevent chemical burns!)  In general keep outdoor exposure as short as possible to keep your pooch happy and safe, but if you need to be outdoors be sure to protect them from the elements.

Client Spotlight

Charlie & Kingston Lander

The Lander family dogs include Charlie (a yellow lab/great pyrenees mix) & Kingston (a yellow lab) and they are two of our favorite dogs. Customers for longer than half of our employees have been on staff! The Lander pooches have even gotten their nephew Henry into daycare for extra playtime. Getting up in age, Kingston prefers to use his time at The Pooch to relax and sunbathe with the occasional burst of playtime energy while Charlie is an energetic lab who’s always finding other pups to play with and show the daycare ropes.

Check it Out!

Shavings and Savings!

Perfect Pooch is proud to announce that with the start of the new year, we will be adding Sam The Groomer to our staff. Grooming appointments can now be scheduled for Sunday, Thursday and every other Wednesday.

The groom shop also understands that maintaining your dog’s nails and fresh smell can really add up over a year’s time. Looking to start the year fresh, for the month of January enjoy $5 off any bath & nail combination. So if your pooch is a tad ripe and the nails are getting long, come in and sign up for both a bath and nail trim to receive a $5 discount all month long.