July Newsletter

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July Newsletter

“The Pooch Press!” is back to heat up your summer. This month Airedale Terriers have claimed the breed of the month title while we turn our employee spotlight on our trainer Alicia. Our foster Trixie will steal your heart away and bring it back.

Breed of the Month — Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terriers were one of the first policing breeds used in Great Britain and Germany. A medium sized working breed, they are active and alert. The Airedale Terrier has a uniquely wiry coat that is often hand stripped to help with any potential shedding and over growth.  They are extremely intelligent and require more than average stimulation to stay out of trouble, but they do make great running or active companions. They require minimal grooming and come in 2 possible colors and patterns: black and tan or grizzle and tan.

All Airedale Terriers receive a FREE NAIL TRIM in the month of July!

Featured Foster Trixie (FKA Pretty Girl)!

Trixie (FKA Pretty Girl)

Age: 1 year & 7 months

Weight: 36lbs

Energy level: Medium

Trixie is a sweet young girl who was rescued with her puppies who have all since found furever homes of their own! Trixie was a great mama and loves people and other dogs (but is not a huge fan of cats or young children). Trixie currently gets to spend her days in our daycare environment but would love to meet you and find her own home!

*All foster dogs are from the Delaware County SPCA and are only being fostered here. The approval for adoption and the adoption fee are solely at the discretion of the Delco SPCA. All interested applicants should call Perfect Pooch to set up a Meet & Greet. All family members — and pets — must meet the dog.

‘Allow Alicia to Make your Acquaintance

Alicia Gautille (Trainer)

Alicia is a huge asset to our training team. She works with all of our Daycare and Train as well as Board and Train dogs to ensure they learn in a fun and motivating fashion.  We are very lucky to have Alicia as part of our team here at the Pooch!

  • Alicia graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Animal Sciences and raised a service dog for Susquehanna Service Dogs while in school.
  • Alicia currently trains and assists with service dog puppies in her free time and has bred her golden retriever Terp with a Chocolate Lab to produce a new generation of service dogs. You can often find Terp and his son Spartacus around the Pooch!
  • She also has prior experience with detection dogs and she and Terp worked with a bed bug detection service in Maryland before coming to Perfect Pooch.
  • Alicia lives with her boyfriend Rick, her dogs Terp and Spartacus, and a revolving group of service dogs in training (right now she is working with a German Shepherd named Bravo who will one day work with a disabled veteran!)
Training Tips – Thunder!

Keeping your Pooch safe!
July and August are prime thunder storm season – a fact many dogs resent! Here are some tips to keep your Pooch safe and sane:




Outdoors! If your dog has free access to the outdoors, please make sure your yard is securely fenced! Many dogs will be spooked and run through an electric fence or jump a low fence even if they wouldn’t normally. Once your dog has crossed an electric fence, they often won’t cross back to avoid the extra shock.

During a Storm. While some pups may start behaving abnormally before a storm rolls in, many dogs are only nervous during the storm itself. If you haven’t had time to prepare your pooch, try diverting their attention with something fun and set them up in an interior bathroom if you can. Many dogs will cuddle up on some blankets in a tub and the surrounding tile can help buffer your dog from the sound and pressure of a thunderstorm. Try sitting with your Pooch in the tub with a peanut butter Kong (c) at first and see if that helps calm them down.

If you know your pooch is generally uncomfortable during thunderstorms, you can start practicing some desensitization tricks in advance! Try playing the sounds of a storm on low volume during play time or when they are happily chewing and slowly amp up the volume over a few sessions. Only increase the volume if your pet seems content and confident. You can also try homeopathic compliments like Rescue Remedy or DAP (dog appeasing pheromone) to see if they help your dog feel better. While there is no scientific evidence for these products, many people feel they can help a dog relax and there is no risk to giving it a shot!

Client Spotlight

Bailey O’Brien

A rescued Collie mix, Bailey can be nervous in new situations or with new people. For that reason, we allow her to play with the smaller dogs where she feels safe and comfortable.  Bailey has done a great job of coming out of her shell since she has been attending daycare and participating in our weekly Walking Club and last year’s Out-and-About class. We love being able to cater our environment and programs (when possible) for dogs like Bailey who need a little extra customization and support.

Pooch Products

Have you been using a retractable leash? Many vets and trainers find them dangerous and not secure, which is why we discourage the use of them in our lobby. Here at Perfect Pooch, we have soft and easy to hold 4ft and 6ft leashes available for anyone in need of a new leash.