June Newsletter

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June Newsletter

Welcome to another installment of “The Pooch Press!” In honor of the upcoming summer, June’s issue has info. on keeping your pet cool and comfy during the year’s hotter months. You will also get a chance to learn more about a beautiful pure bred boxer, Oscar, available for adoption today. Our spotlights include a long-time client’s dog, Rosa, the Norwegian Elkhound, and Assistant Manager Bonnie Korytowski.

Breed of the Month — Border Collie

Border Collies are renowned herding dogs used all over the world to move sheep and other livestock. A medium sized agile dog, this breed excels in many dog sports including agility, flyball, and treiball. Not necessarily the best pet for a sedate home, the Border Collie is a great companion for active families and make great running buddies. They are also extremely intelligent and require more than average stimulation to stay out of trouble. They require minimal grooming and come in 17 possible colors and patterns.

All Border Collies receive a FREE NAIL TRIM in the month of June!

Featured Foster — Oi! Oscar!



Age: 4 years 2 months

Weight: 76lbs

Energy level: High

Now this is a face you can fall in love with quickly, eh? Meet Oscar, an awesome pure bred white boxer who is about 4 years old. He traveled all of the way from an overcrowded southern facility to join our awesome adoptables. Oscar does very well with other highly active dogs who can match his very amped up play style, but would prefer not to have a feline friend in his forever home. Oscar is up-to-date on his vaccines, neutered, and microchipped. **After a few weeks or so with us, Oscar has returned to the Delco SPCA but he is still a fine friend of The Pooch we recommend adopting, so what are you waiting for? Hurry over to Delco to meet Oscar and fall in love!**

*All foster dogs are from the Delaware County SPCA and are only being fostered here. The approval for adoption and the adoption fee are solely at the discretion of the Delco SPCA. All interested applicants should call Perfect Pooch to set up a Meet & Greet. All family members — and pets — must meet the dog.

‘Break the Ice with Bonnie

Bonnie Korytowski (Assistant Manager)

Having started as a client, Bonnie is an integral part of our management team.

  • Bonnie graduated from Temple University with a degree in Sociology and loves working with, and learning about, different people and groups.


  • Having previously worked in car insurance, Bonnie brought her dog Charlie here for daycare before making the leap and joining our staff in 2012.
  • Bonnie loves music and food, but finds it difficult to pick a favorite meal or musician. Right now she has Thom Yorke the Eraser in her car stereo .
  • Bonnie lives with her wife Katie, their beautiful one year old daughter Fern, two cats (check out hairless mix Tina @tinaaintright on instagram!), and their dog Charlie.


Training Tips

Keeping Cool this Summer!
The warmer weather and longer days may be beckoning you outside with your pooch, but be aware that dogs can overheat easily and precautions should be taken whenever your pup is out this summer.



Cool Gear! There are many great products out there to help your pooch beat the heat. Consider a cooling coat or collar that relies on evaporative technology to lower your pets body temperature and allow them to stay outside longer.




Car SafetyEven a comfortable day outside can lead to soaring temperatures in a parked car. Never leave your pet in a car while you shop or run errands! In just ten minutes, the temperature in your car can rise by as much as 20 degrees, even with windows left partially open!!

Keep in mind that your pooch can’t cool off by sweating. If it’s warm enough for you to break a sweat, your pet might need some help keeping cool.  Panting is part of your dog’s temperature control system, as is drinking cool (not icy!) water so be sure water is always available if you are spending time outside together and don’t put anything on your dog’s face that might restrict open-mouth panting.

Client Spotlight

Rosa- Norwegian Elkhound

Our only Elkhound, Rosa’s sweet demeanor and affinity for being pet make her one of our staff’s favorite at The Pooch. At almost 7 years old, Rosa has the stamina and curiosity of a puppy. Whether it’s chasing her tail for minutes on end or barking at a passing train or hawk, she’ll always find a way to make us smile!

Pooch Products

Puzzle Toys Available Now!

As you may have noticed during one of your previous visits, our retail wall now features a variety of new puzzle toys for your dog(s) to enjoy. From the Rip’n’Tug(c)  to the Tug-A-Jug(c) and The Kibble Nibble(c) to the Hippster(c), these toys are sure to keep your dog busy and thinking. Dogs can find themselves easily bored at home alone or overnight while the family sleeps and puzzle toys are a perfect solution. Instead of ripping the trash bag, they can rip up the Rip’n’Tug(c) and have their favorite kibble or treats to munch on. For the doggy parent who prefers a mor creative treat dispenser, the Tug-A-Jug(c) provides a slightly more difficult reward system with more options for you to enjoy this toy with you furry friend. Smaller dogs will enjoy chewing on the Hippster(c); a hippo inspired rubber chew toy that dispenses treats the more they gnaw on it. For an easier puzzle toy that dogs of any size can enjoy, check out the Kibble Nibble(c)! An egg shaped plastic ball that dispenses treats as it rolls, your Pooch will have a ball with this toy whether its stuffed with goodies or not. For these, or any other dog toy or accessories you may need, you can stop by the “Pooch Retail” wall during your pup’s next visit!