March Newsletter

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March Newsletter

Beware the Ides of Mutt! It’s just your luck, the March edition of “The Pooch Press!” is finally here! Irish Setters are as good as a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow as they win the luck of the draw, i.e., “Breed of the Month” honors. Like senate knives through Caesar, our employee spotlight is piercing our yard staff/general repair man Ryan Stangler. This month’s featured foster Kobe would never betray you and would love to join you on a St. Patty’s Day “pup crawl”. For those of you looking to take a stab at some new training techniques, this months tips are sure to enrich you and your dog’s lives together with fun and motivational tips.

Breed of the Month — Irish Setter!






Also known as the Red Setter, Irish Setters were first used to hunt game birds over 100 years ago!  The AKC first recognized this beautiful breed in 1878. A true working dog, used mostly for hunting fowl, the Irish Setter has a giant play drive and require lots of stimulation when lucky enough to be just a house dog. With a long red single coat, this majestic breed requires moderate grooming.  Two presidents have owned Irish Setters, Richard Nixon’s “King Timahoe” and Harry Truman’s “Mike”, fans of the TV series Mad Men may also remember Duck Phillips’ Irish Setter, Chauncey. 74th of 184 on the AKC most popular breed list, these dogs are super friendly and playful, perfect for a family or just one person looking for unconditional love.

All Setter and Setter mixes receive a FREE NAIL TRIM in the month of March!

Featured Foster!


Age: 5 Years

Size: Small

Energy level:  Medium


Kobe is a 5 year old Yorkshire Terrier Blend that was surrendered to the DelCo SPCA in December. He is dog friendly and should be in an Adult only household, as he prefers to bond closely with one or two individuals. Kobe has guarding issues relating to food, so a potential adopter with experience in managing guarding issues would be great. He is up-to-date on vaccinations, neutered, and microchipped. He is currently residing here at Perfect Pooch in King of Prussia. Kobe is looking for a home that has the knowledge and understanding of his behavior and are willing to work with him on being the best dog he knows he can be. Kobe is also a candidate for experienced fosters or a rescue group that has the tools to help this guy succeed. For adopters interested in Kobe, please contact Perfect Pooch at 610-337-7698 to set up a meeting. For interest in fostering Kobe or a rescue group interested in taking Kobe, please contact Mark at

*All foster dogs are from the Delaware County SPCA and are only being fostered here. The approval for adoption and the adoption fee are solely at the discretion of the Delco SPCA. All interested applicants should call Perfect Pooch to set up a Meet & Greet. All family members — and pets — must meet the dog.

Employee Spotlight







Ryan Stangler

Ryan graduated from Norristown High School and has followed a long and winding path to Perfect Pooch, bringing with him a wide range of skills including photography- you will often find him updating our Instagram account. Ryan also has a background in construction and painting which he has put to good use in his time at Perfect Pooch. For example, you’ve probably seen him single-handedly repainting our lobby. He is a valuable asset in supervising our yards with his love for dogs and we are glad to have him.

  • You may also know Ryan as Ryan Vox, former singer in multiple bands and Tag Team champion/Cruiserweight specialist on the regional amateur wrestling circuit.
  • When Ryan isn’t making lives better with his actions in the ring or at The Pooch, he’s spending time with his two lovely daughters.
  • Ryan, a model of physical fitness spends his time in the summer months running “Pooch Fit”. A program of his own design where he gets to exercise while also getting some of the lazier dogs up and moving for a bit.
  • More than anything, Ryan finds his enjoyment at The Pooch through helping the more shy and nervous dogs come out of their shell and learn to love the time they spend at Perfect Pooch.
Training Tips – Make it Fun!

Motivational Training!
Dog training shouldn’t be tedious for you or your dog- if you’re bored so is your dog!  You probably loved the classes in school that were the most interesting and engaging to you, not the ones that bored you.  You want to make sure that your dog’s favorite “class” of the day is working with you, not chewing your shoes! By engaging your dog with their favorite treats or toys during training you can associate them with your exercises so that they become as fun as the treats themselves.

Set Them Up! Instead of manipulating your pup and forcing them to do what you want, try to manipulate their environment so that they are more likely to succeed! If you know your dog has a hard time listening in distracting situations you can set up mild distractions for your dog at home and slowly make them more exciting before working in more interesting places.  For example, if your dog can barely sit when they see a person because they are simply to excited, try asking for a sit while a ball is on the floor then while a ball is rolling by- slowly increase the excitement level as your dog is successful.  Instead of trying to trying to enforce a sit in all situations, try to teach the concept of sitting while aroused.

Rewards!  Dogs repeat what is rewarded!  Unfortunately you can’t really decide what to use as a reward until you know what your dog finds rewarding- and it is your dog who gets to decide!  Sometimes, the rewards will vary in different situations so be sure you to try a variety of things and save your highest value rewards for really great behaviors or really distraction environments.  A hard biscuit may be worth working for in your kitchen, but you should probably whip out the good stuff for walks or park training.

Client Spotlight








No, the Norse God with the hammer hasn’t crashed down at The Pooch but this Rottweiler sure can bring the thunder. One of our first training enrichment clients, Thor is miles ahead of the pack and one of the programs star pupils. A friend to people and pooches alike Thor always finds a cuddle buddy or wrestling partner and with his additional training knows exactly when to stop and start. If you see this hulk in the lobby sniffing your pup there’s no need for alarm, Thor is just looking to meet more friends.

Check it Out!

Shavings Galore at The Pooch!







Finally! Perfect Pooch is now offering grooming everyday with our groomers Sam on Thursday & Sundays and Jess every other day of the week. To celebrate this joyous occasion, Perfect Pooch’s groom shop will be offering 5% off any grooms that are scheduled between February 29th, 2016 and March 7th, 2016. Must call in and schedule to receive discount, it’d be a shame to miss an offer this good so call us now @ (610)337-7698.

*Grooming isn’t our only department growing and expanding, be sure to keep an eye on next month’s Pooch Press for some exciting news from our Training Team!