May Newsletter

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May Newsletter

Welcome to another installment of “The Pooch Press!” This month has information on our special group training classes being offered this summer and as usual, you can learn more about our “Breed of the Month,” which happens to be the German Shepherd Dog. Our spotlighted two and four-legged friends include training superstar Charger the Boxer, our lead yard attendant Ed the human, and if you’re looking for a second, third or ninth dog you can read about Dobby in our Foster Spotlight.

Breed of the Month — German Shepherd Dog

The second most popular breed in America, the German Shepherd Dog emanates power, agility and an alert sense of confidence.  With a medium-length double coat, this breed does require moderate grooming and sheds heavily when seasons change.  They are also a breed with moderate energy requirements and high intelligence.  German Shepherds do not make good couch potatoes and need mental and physical stimulation daily.  While these qualities do not always make the best house pet, they make the German Shepherd Dog a leader in police work, military work and service work.

Fun Facts!

  • Initially bred from farming and herding stock, the German Shepherd Dog has been rigorously bred for strong working ability since 1899.
  • One of the first televised dog series focused on a German Shepherd Dog serving during WWI- “Rin Tin Tin.”
  • German Shepherd Dogs who are shown in conformation are posed in a unique stance or “stack” with one rear leg held right under the body and one extended back. This highlights their agile structure and allows the judges to see their moving form while standing still.

All German Shepherd Dogs receive a FREE NAIL TRIM in the month of May!

Featured FosterDrop in for Dobby


Age: Approx. 1-2 years old

Weight: 40lbs

Energy level: high, very playful, would be a great running partner

Dobby is here with us at the Pooch after coming all the way from Puerto Rico! He is busy playing with dogs all day and is doing great.  Dobby can live with dogs, cats, and older children (16+) – a great addition to any family! He is neutered and up-to-date on all vaccinations as well as micro-chipped. All he needs now is you!

Because I am a Perfect Pooch Foster dog, I come with FREE training for six months post-adoption and FREE boarding & daycare for one month post-adoption.

*All foster dogs are from the Delaware County SPCA and are only being fostered here. The approval for adoption and the adoption fee are solely at the discretion of the Delco SPCA. All interested applicants should call Perfect Pooch to set up a Meet & Greet. All family members — and pets — must meet the dog.*

‘Ello Ed!

Ed Wilson (Lead Yard Attendant)

With three years at The Pooch under his belt, Ed has thrived and progressed into a position as a leader of our dog care staff.



  • Ed has had his German Shepherd “Lupa” since college and her favorite winter activity is sleeping in snow piles.
  • In his free time, Ed utilizes his degree in English to further his pursuits as an author. He has also used these skills when assisting with our marketing department.
  • His favorite breed would be a German Shepherd Dog (not a big surprise).
  • Ed’s favorite aspect of of being a part of the Perfect Pooch team is getting to work closely with dogs. In the past, he worked at the Philadelphia Zoo and enjoys being able to use his animal care skills.

Ed appreciates your trust in taking care of your furry family member while under his watch. He looks after and loves every dog here as if it were his own!

Training Tips

Walking Your Pooch!
It’s finally nice out and the days are lasting longer. This is an awesome time to work with your pooch on walking skills and getting out and about in the world!


Proper Equipment. Make sure you have the right gear to walk your dog: a standard 4-6ft leash and a flat collar, no-pull harness, or face collar is a great place to start.  Avoid retractable and flexi leashes!


Take the time to Teach. Bring along your dog’s favorite snack or toy and reward any good behavior you see. Rewarded behaviors are repeated!  Disconnect from any devices and focus on your pooch. If you’re having fun with them, they are more likely to have fun with you and choose to stay close to you.

Remember that other people and dogs will be out enjoying the nice weather, as well and many do not want to meet your pet. Always keep control of your dog in public areas and look before approaching a person or dog. If either look worried, just walk away.  Some dogs may have a yellow ribbon on their leash; this is a signal to other walkers that they need distance, so be sure give them a wide berth.

Client Spotlight

Charger – Boxer
Charger is an awesome young Boxer who came to us with some expected adolescent energy and poor impulse control.  With regular exercise in our daycare program, the occasional overnight stay, and an owner dedicated to training and enrichment, Charger has blossomed and been a great member of Perfect Pooch!  Having gone through our 14-day training program, Charger is a pleasure to have around and occasionally accompanies his owner to her office (at Villanova University; what a lucky pup!)

Check out Charger during an enrichment training session doing awesome impulse control with multiple, fun distractions!
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Pooch Products

Group Classes – Coming Soon!

We are very excited to be starting a few specialized group classes later this Spring!  Many of our training clients have asked what to do after our basic obedience programs and we are pleased to announce that we will be offering a few classes for dogs who already have some elementary skills and are looking to improve and learn more.  We will also have limited space classes for dogs with specific behavior modification issues or who need to learn to work on leash around other dogs.

Last summer’s Out and About Class was so well received that we will also be running that class again this summer! It is a great opportunity for dogs to learn how to work out in the real world, around real life distractions. This class meets in public places, such as Valley Forge Park, to work on walking and other pertinent skills.

Look for Group Class sign-up sheets in our lobby soon!