November Newsletter

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November Newsletter

We are so thankful to have you as part of the Perfect Pooch family! The November edition of “The Pooch Press!” is full of great tips and tricks! Top breed this month has been given to the Miniature American Shepherds (one of the newest AKC breeds!), as we thank Sara for all she did for us in the Employee Spotlight! Elvis is in the building and you could find him howling his hound dog song in your home today!

Breed of the Month — Miniature American Shepherd

Most people have seen Australian Shepherds, but as we are getting closer to a true American holiday, we are thankful for all the American breeds that have been developed right here at home! The Miniature American Shepherd is a relatively new breed having just been recognized by the AKC as having a breed foundation in 2011- however these little guys have been popular for almost twenty years with no one knowing what to call them! Looking like a smaller version of the Australian Shepherd, the Miniature American Shepherd’s name pays homage to the true birthplace of this breed and its larger counterpart. Aussies were originally bred in the western US but were given a misnomer to make them stand out by the cattle herder that developed them. The new Miniature American Shepherd shares its larger cousins intelligence, beautiful coat colors, and friendliness but comes in a much smaller package! This active little breed is a great choice for families looking for an energetic friendly pet!

All Miniature American Shepherds and MAS Mixes receive a FREE NAIL TRIM in the month of November!

Featured Foster Elvis!

Elvis the Hound

Age: 2 Years

Weight: 41 Lbs.

Energy level: High


Elvis is in the building! Elvis is a recent arrival to our Perfect Pooch family, a 2-year-old Coonhound blend who weighs around 41 lbs. Elvis naturally is a big boy who loves all people and gets along with most dogs. He has that lovable hound face that just makes you smile and a hound dog song that makes him worthy of his name! Elvis is ready for his forever home and is already neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped so hurry over to meet Elvis! Please call ahead to schedule an appointment at 610.337.7698.

**Someone loves Elvis so much that they’ve sponsored his adoption fee. That means that this guy can join your family for FREE!**

Employee Spotlight

Sara Rooney
A bittersweet spotlight this month, we’re sad to say goodbye as Sara Rooney has decided to move on to another position. Sara was probably the first face you ever saw at the Pooch! She was an integral part of our front desk and management team and was also responsible for all of our marketing materials- a super busy girl! Having a background in Journalism, Sara has utilized her skills to develop our brand and worked with various magazine and internet connections to help Perfect Pooch grow and improve- we were very lucky to have her!

  • Sara graduated from Temple University after having grown up in a Philly suburb.
  • Within her first year with us, Sara rescued Kentucky after fostering the poor pup who was fearful and anxious- now you might find him hanging out in the Pooch office keeping an eye on things.
  • One of our computer gurus, Sara has been integral in our process of going green and eliminating our paper filing system.
  • Sara has also assisted with the training of multiple dogs (including a current service dog!) and often gives extra love in the office to our newest or youngest members who may need some extra attention during the day.

Good luck to you Sara in all of your future endeavors, we wish you all the best!

Training Tips – Thanksgiving Truisms!

Thanksgiving Plans!
If you are planning a big family get together or just want to share some of the festivities with your pooch- please keep a few tips in mind!




Tummy Troubles Beware! Thanksgiving is full of tasty treats and many of them can be safe for your pet- but beware: too much of a good thing can be very bad for your pup!  While some food items are not dog safe (raisins, onions, etc) you can certainly share very small amounts of meat with your pooch, but please keep serving sizes in mind to avoid an emergency visit to your vet.  Better yet, avoid the human goodies and pick up a special dog treat or chew for your pooch to enjoy while you enjoy your company.



Door Etiquette!  If you are planning a holiday shindig and you know your pooch is less than perfect when greeting people at the door, start training and practicing now! Being polite around doorways can keep your pet safe this holiday season and keep your guests glad to visit.  If you need help with proper door etiquette let our trainers know and we would be happy to help!
November is the start of the holiday season- family gatherings and friendly events are a great experience for your pooch to get to hang out with you, but its always important to keep their safety in mind!

Client Spotlight





Gunner Obercian

One cool customer, Gunner is a one of a kind sort of pooch. A boxer/sharpei mix whose tongue always sticks out, you’d think he was an anteater. Gunner is a good name for this guy as he’s all over the place, ripping and running himself tired for a long snooze on our decks.

Check it Out!


Happy Thanks”trimmings”!






Give your pooch something to be thankful for this holiday season by pampering your furry family member. To celebrate the holiday season and Thanksgiving, the groom shop will be open on “black friday”, offering an extra day of haircuts not normally available. In addition to that, the groom shop is also offering $10 off on all spa baths from now to November 27th. Spa baths include a Kennel Bath with a Brush & Blow-Out, Fresh Breath, Ear Cleaning and Nail Trimmings. So come on in and treat your dog (and your nose) to a Spa Bath!