Spring Fun With Your Pooch


Spring Fun With Your Pooch

Spring Fun With Your Pooch

The winter weather has finally broken and what a winter it has been! Power outages, near constant snow and all around dark days, mean you might be a little behind on pampering your pooch. Now that the weather is finally cooperating, there are tons of fun things for you to do, many of which can include your dog. Next week we will touch on some things to be careful about this season, but for now let’s just focus on the fun!

Long walks and walks in new places are the most obvious fun dog activities. If you haven’t checked out your local national parks, you can find one on http://www.npca.org/. Most parks have well-maintained trails, numerous resting points and often have water facilities with dog bowls or fountains. You could make a day of it! Pack plenty of water and some snacks and go somewhere new! You and your dog might stumble across a new favorite trail or photo spot. My favorite day trip is Ricketts Glen State Park in Benton PA. It has many trail options, waterfalls and large rocks to hang out on. You can even get in some of the pools with your pooch and have a swim break to cool off together.

If nature isn’t really your thing, try a local street market or outdoor café. People and dog watching can be fun for both of you as long as your dog is relatively well behaved and under control, as these venues often have limited space and your dog may be crowded or approached unexpectedly. In the Perfect Pooch area you have a few options: the Upper Merion Farmers Market, which is held at the township building on a weekly basis (http://uppermerionfarmersmarket.org/) or you can check out Bridge Street in Phoenixville, which has a variety of restaurants and cafes with outdoor seating and some even have doggie menus!

You don’t have to drive around to find fun things to do with your dog. Spring time is the perfect training time. The sun is up but still bearable and it doesn’t get dark until late. You could play around your own yard or development and teach your pooch new tricks. You can make an easy agility course using items from around your home. Brooms are great jump poles that you could simply lay one across a pair of rocks or chairs. You can also use a large box as a tunnel by opening both ends and improvise step ups with wooden blocks. Training doesn’t have to be boring- mix up your sit-stays and recalls with fun new active games. This is also a good time to work on any leash skills that might need freshening up. Check out our previous blogs if you need help with walking your dog (http://perfect-pooch.com/category/training).

If you like gardening or plan to work around your yard this spring, get your pup in on the action. Consider sprinklers or kiddie pools for your pooch or even their very own dig pit! Teaching your dog to respect your landscaping is important, but so is giving them some yard space of their own. You could even build your own tennis ball shooter or pick one up at for hours of controlled running and playing for your pup.

Spring is the perfect time to rededicate some of your schedule to your pooch. There are endless amounts of fun activities and places for you and your dog to enjoy together and better weather to coax you out the door. Check us out next week for some warm weather warnings and tips to keep you and your pet safe before summer sets in.

Happy Training!

Tamar Paltin
Head Trainer- Perfect Pooch
BA, CPDT-KA, AKC CGC Evaluator