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Dog Studying

House Training 101

House Training 101 House training your new puppy is vital to ensure that your puppy doesn’t go to the bathroom in the house or other undesired areas. This process is extremely important and requires patience as well as consistency. The more consistent you are with the following steps, the faster your puppy will learn the appropriate behavior. Having your dog …

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Understanding Handling

Understanding Handling Teaching a puppy or dog to accept being handled by humans can be a huge benefit in your dog’s life. This will allow your dog to not only enjoy being pet, rubbed or stroked, but will also help your dog be calmer in times when handling is necessary. You want your dog to be as comfortable as possible, …

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Big Dog Yard Pic

The Importance of Exercising Your Dog

The Importance of Exercising Your Dog Exercise is a crucial part of a dog’s life. Despite age or size, your dog needs daily exercise. This will help stimulate your dog’s mind, keep muscles active, help him/her stay at a healthy body weight, and to help the body function properly. Depending on your dog’s breed (for example, short nose breeds like …

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