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Other Than A Leash

Other Than A Leash So now that we have discussed engaging your dog during walks, here is a short description of other items you should have with you and how to dress your dog for any walk. If your dog walks alongside you calmly and rarely or never pulls, you can feel free to use whatever collar you like as …

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Walking Your Dog Into Daycare

Walking Your Dog Into Daycare Having worked in an urban dog daycare, a veterinarian office and now a suburban dog daycare, I have seen the same scenario over and over with numerous dogs and their owners: a person walks into the lobby being pulled by an over-excited dog and seems ashamed or embarrassed that Fido isn’t walking in calmly and …

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Understanding Handling

Understanding Handling Teaching a puppy or dog to accept being handled by humans can be a huge benefit in your dog’s life. This will allow your dog to not only enjoy being pet, rubbed or stroked, but will also help your dog be calmer in times when handling is necessary. You want your dog to be as comfortable as possible, …

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Have More Fun With Your Pooch This Summer!

Warmer weather is here and it’s a perfect time to enroll your dog in one of our great training programs! Whether you’re new to training or looking for a “refresher,” we have many different programs that can be suited to your goals! Are you struggling with leash walking? Do you dream of being able to let your dog off leash …

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