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Dog Days of Summer: 5 Grooming Tips to Keep Your Dog Happy All Summer Long

Posted by Perfect Pooch on May 10, 2019

Whether your summer consists of days at the beach or days in the shade, your dog is probably by your side during most outings, and their grooming habits can make them happy or unhappy campers. Just like you may need to change your summer grooming (shorter hair, more sunscreen, etc.), your dog’s grooming needs to change, too! Here are five tips from the knowledgeable groomers at Perfect Pooch that will help keep your pooch healthy, happy and ready to have fun in the sun all summer long.

Give Them the Perfect Summer ‘Do 

When it comes to getting your furry friend’s hair cut for summer, you may think that shorter is better—think again! Although a short haircut may help prevent some dogs from overheating, for many dogs, it means major sunburns, particularly those that have a pink skin tone. Because there’s a fine line between a beneficial short haircut and a painful one, it’s extremely important to schedule a grooming appointment with a professional groomer who can suggest the perfect cut for your pup.

Beat the Heat—and the Excessive Hair Shedding—With a Deshedding Service

Shedding is a natural cooling process for dogs that have thick coats, but it can be a hairy situation, literally and figuratively, for dog moms and dads who like to keep their home spick and span. Before you lose your cool and shave off your dog’s coat, bring them in for a deshedding treatment, like the FURminator. This treatment is formulated to loosen a dog’s undercoat, meaning less shedding in your home. Plus, Perfect Pooch is offering a 5% discount on this grooming service through the month of May, so you can enjoy less shedding AND spend less money!

Warmer Weather Doesn’t Mean Way More Baths

You may think that the best way to cool down your canine during the summer is to bathe them daily or weekly. However, because a dog’s skin can be very sensitive, overwashing it can dry out their skin, cause rashes or make it inflamed. To avoid this, it’s best to space out their water time and keep bathing to a monthly minimum.

Help Them Cruise Around in Comfort By Grooming Their Paw Pads

Just like in the winter, your puppy’s paw pads can get aggravated, but this time it’s from the hot concrete, sand, rocks and gravel of summer. Not only can these elements cause heat blisters, but they can also cause rips and tears in their pads. To help protect your pup’s pads, schedule monthly appointments with a dog groomer to get their nails trimmed and their pads conditioned and polished.

Heat and Humidity Means Extra Ear Cleanings For Your Pooch

The heat and humidity of summer means an increase of yeast and bacteria in your dog’s ears, and if they love to swim, an even greater increase of ear infections. To keep your dog’s ears happy and healthy, bring them in to see a groomer every month so they can have their ears cleaned properly and professionally.

Whether your dog is due for a bath, shave, ear cleaning or nail clipping, the groomers at Perfect Pooch in King of Prussia, PA will help get them summer-ready! Contact us today to schedule your pooch’s grooming appointment.