Professional Dog Grooming & Spa

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The skilled dog grooming professionals at Perfect Pooch can’t wait to pamper your pup with a dog spa day. Dogs of all breeds and ages leave our pet salon looking and feeling their very best. Whether you need a full-service dog haircut, luxurious dog bath, or any of our specialty pet spa services, we provide efficient service and marvelous results.

Professional Dog Grooming Services

We’re proud to offer a full menu of professional services to suit all your dog grooming and spa needs. Call us today to discuss your dog’s haircut or perfect spa day. Our dog grooming services include:

  • Full-service dog haircuts
  • Shaving & trimming
  • Premium bath & pet spa packages
  • Basic dog bathing
  • Specialty shampoos and conditioners
  • Nail trims & nail clipping
  • Ear cleanings
  • Teeth brushing
  • FURminator treatments
  • Blueberry facials

Benefits of Dog Grooming

Our talented team is trained to perform a wellness scan of your pet’s coat, skin, ears, and paws during every appointment. This helps us catch any signs of health abnormalities early on.

Professional tools help us loosen hair from your dog’s innermost layers of fur, making their coat lighter, more comfortable, and with less hair to shed around your house!

Regular nail trims keep your dog’s paws healthy and comfortable. Left unchecked, a dog’s nails can grow too long, causing discomfort and disrupting their posture and paw health.

Regular brush-outs with professional equipment helps prevent mats from forming in your dog’s fur, which can be a painful problem.

Our dog salon and team are equipped with everything to spare you the hassle of dog grooming. No heavy lifting, wet floors, or hairy bathtubs. Just a sweet-smelling dog!

 Our professional dog groomers, as well as our entire staff, is CPR & First Aid Certified. We now offer Pet CPR & First Aid Classes

Dog Grooming FAQs

How much does grooming cost?

Pricing varies depending on size, breed, coat condition, and behavior. A price range estimate can be given over the phone. 

How long does it typically take to groom my dog?

We try to have your dog back within a 4 hour period but all dogs’ needs may vary. (i.e. needs frequent breaks, blow dryer sensitivity, puppy’s first groom etc.)

Will you do an “express” groom?

Yes, we do “in-out grooming” for an extra fee. This service must be requested at the time you schedule your appointment.

Do you have unscented shampoo?

Yes, but not only do we have unscented hypoallergenic shampoo. We also have a wide variety of shampoos that our groomers hand pick for each pooch’s needs. From oatmeal, deshedding, whitening, skin recovery shampoo and many more. We have it all!

What’s the process once I arrive for my appointment?

Our groomers will meet you at the drop off area to discuss the desired cut and answer any questions that you may have. We will then bring your pooch into our separate grooming area and inspect them for skin/coat issues or anything else of concern. We do this before we start the bathing process to make sure we choose the right products for your pooch. We then bathe and blow dry them most of the way. Then they head to a kennel for a short period where they get a break from the action and relax under some NON heated fans. The groomer will then usually bathe a few more dogs during the break and then start the grooming process. We will give you a call as soon as your pooch is ready for pick up. While your pooch is waiting to be picked up and during any breaks we provide fresh water and potty breaks! 

Do you have availability on the weekends?

Unfortunately at this time we do not have weekend availability. We are available Monday-Friday typically with morning drop offs but we are flexible with pick up times! 

What is required?

We require the Rabies vaccine for grooming. The only exception would be if you have a veterinarian note excusing your dog from the Rabies vaccine. The note must contain the reason for the exception.

We also require a $15 deposit for new clients only at the time of scheduling your first appointment.

Can I add on a nail trim?

All full service grooming includes a bath, blow dry, nail trim or grinding (nail grinding is an up charge), ear cleaning and/or plucking and the desired cut if needed.

My dog doesn’t like other dogs. Is that an issue?

No, we customize grooming for each and every pet to make them as comfortable as possible while in our care.

Do you groom cats?

No, unfortunately we do not. Cats don’t always like dogs and dogs don’t always like cats. This creates a stressful environment that we like to avoid. Our priority is that each pooch can have a stress free experience while in our care.