Professional Dog Training in King of Prussia, PA

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Proper, productive training is the key to unlocking the best possible relationship with your dog. Let our certified trainers guide you through a learning and bonding experience that will strengthen your understanding and mutual respect. Dogs of all breeds and ages have successfully graduated our dog training programs, which include a variety of options to suit your schedule and needs.
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Our Dog Training Philosophy

Whether your pup needs obedience training or you have behavioral issues in mind, the certified trainers at Perfect Pooch provide effective, multi-targeted training approaches customized for you. We use a combination of proven and positive training techniques, which lets us approach each dog as an individual, using only what your dog responds to best. We use your dog’s natural motivations and desire to learn in our programs, and our plan is threefold:

  • Teach your dog to respond to verbal cues and improve their manners
  • Help you understand our training techniques so you can continue training long after the sessions end
  • Provide ongoing assistance and resources to ensure the training lasts for a lifetime

We can’t wait to help you and your dog get closer than ever. Call us today to schedule a free, one-on-one training consultation with one of our staff.

Dog Training Programs

We offer a selection of training programs to suit every busy schedule. Our options include:

  • Lodge & Learn. This exciting and effective program is like a training camp for your pet. While they enjoy a stay in our full-service pet resort, they’ll have daily training sessions tailored towards your goals. These on-on-one daily sessions help us get to know and train your dog in a controlled learning environment, and each day builds on the next.
  • Group Classes. These classes are conducted in a group setting and have the added social aspect and extra distractions of other dogs, helping your dog hone their focus in a bustling setting. We offer group classes on obedience, scent work, Canine Good Citizen, and more.
  • Daycare & Train. These one-on-one obedience training sessions take place in our daycare program. The trainer works with your pooch while they’re enjoy a day of daycare! We’ll help your dog with obedience (basic or advanced) or area-specific training needs depending on your goals.
  • Private Lessons. These one-on-one training sessions allow you and the trainer to work closely together to target specific behavioral or social needs in a more private setting.
Dog sitting on command - Perfect Pooch