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Pooch Planning 101: What To Look For In Your Doggy Daycare

Posted by admin on October 31, 2019

What To Look For In Your Doggy Daycare

As dog owners, we want nothing but the best for our four-legged family members—the best food, the best toys and the absolute best doggy daycare. Finding a doggy daycare for your pup requires a bit of research to decide if it’s the best fit for them. Beyond having the basics—like an area for playtime—there are some key indicators in a doggy daycare that can make or break your pup’s (and your) experience. Here are some tips that will help make choosing your pup’s next doggy daycare a walk in the park! 

Look for a Facility That’s Super Safe AND Super Fun
Some pups get anxious in new settings with unfamiliar faces and smells, and this stress can make the dog’s stay unenjoyable or can even be harmful to their health. The best doggy daycares recognize that it takes time for pups to get accustomed to their new surroundings. Safety checks, like having dogs undergo an evaluation before stepping paws in the play yard, is a great way to ensure your dog is staying safe while at doggy daycare. 

Worried about your tiny Terrier getting accidentally injured during playtime? Some doggy daycares divide play yards by dog size to avoid any unnecessary ruff-ness! It’s important for all daycare staff to make sure your dog is comfortable enough to be with other pups and will play nicely, so look out for doggy daycares that go the extra mile towards dog safety. 

Choose a Daycare That Gives Your Pup as Much Attention as You Would
Doggy daycare routines reflect on a facility’s organization and guarantee that your pet is having a well-balanced day. It’s important to look for a daycare that offers day-time structure, while also providing a staff that will give your pup the appropriate amount of attention—regimented play times, rest times and lunch times will help make your pup feel right at home. Some daycares even provide grooming services during your pup’s stay that’ll have them feeling “pawsitively” pampered! Catering to each pup as an individual makes sure that your dog is getting the utmost proper care at their daycare. 

Be Sure to Check That the Daycare Has a Compassionate Canine Staff
The ideal doggy daycare has staff who are both experienced with dogs and have compassion for them as well. Awareness of when pups are not acting like themselves at daycare can prevent the harm that comes with neglecting unusual behavior. Trained staff that make the effort to get to know all furry friends, well beyond their names, know exactly what to look for in your dog if they aren’t tail-wagging happy. Additionally, daycare programs that offer additional services, such as dog training, signifies to you that the staff members are highly-educated and invested in your dog’s well-being. Plus, these extra services can be totally “pawsome” down the line if your pup ends up fitting in well at the daycare facility. 

With the holidays being around the corner, there is never a bad time to look into where your dog will stay while you are out of town visiting family and friends, or busy preparing to entertain. Keep in mind that each doggy daycare is different, just as each dog is different! Be sure to do your research before you commit. Use our guidelines of safety, attention and compassion when looking for your next doggy daycare – or better yet, look no further! Contact Perfect Pooch today to learn more about us and schedule an evaluation.