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Rain, Rain Go Away: Here’s How to Keep Your Dog Happy During April Showers

Posted by Perfect Pooch on April 22, 2019

April is known as the month that rains cats and dogs, and whether your pooch could care less if it comes again another day (or would really prefer if it didn’t), there’s no need to let it put a damper on the month. From keeping their coat comfortable to helping them stay calm during a storm, Perfect Pooch has five ways for you to sprinkle some happiness in your dog’s life on those rainy April days.

Help Them Weather the Storm
You know the saying “when it rains, it pours”? Well, sometimes when it rains, it also storms. Although some dogs aren’t affected by them, for some, a storm can cause severe anxiety. If storms rain on your pooch’s parade, here’s how to help them better weather the next storm:

  • Create a Safe Haven – Give them a space that will help them feel safe. Whether that’s in a crate (just be sure to keep the door open so they don’t feel trapped) or in a room, make it comfortable for them by setting it up with their bed, toys, water bowl and covering any windows.
  • Take Action with Distraction – If your dog is afraid of thunder, drowning out the scary sound with calming music or the television can help. You can also try to distract your furry friend with their favorite treats and toys.
  • Help Them Overcome Their Fears – Sometimes, facing a fear is the best way to cope with it. For dogs who are scared of the sound of thunder, playing thunderstorm sounds on sunny days—and giving them treats or playing fun games with them while it’s on—can help them eventually overcome their fears.

Grooming Will Make Them Feel Right as Rain
Some dogs hate walking in the rain, some don’t mind and some are bundled up in booties and a raincoat. No matter how your pup feels about the rain, the precipitation and mud they walk through on your strolls can impact their hair, and eventually, their health and happiness. Not only does rain create a muddy situation outside (and a matted situation for your dog’s fur), but its moisture can also cause several health conditions. These conditions include: eczema, hot spots, yeast infections and blastomycosis (a fungal infection), which can cause them to excessively lick, scratch and itch themselves. So if your pup’s coat has seen brighter days, it’s time to get them professionally groomed.

Use the Rain as a Time to Train
Just as every cloud has a silver lining, so do rainy days: they create the perfect opportunity for a day of dog training! Although you can’t improve their leash manners, you can improve their basic obedience, such as sitting, staying and going to bed on command. Plus, you can also teach them some fun tricks, like rolling over, sitting on their hindlegs and giving a handshake!

Choose a Daycare with an Indoor Facility
Whether your furry friend is already in a puppy daycare or you’re considering enrolling them in one, rainy days are the perfect reminder that the type of facility you choose is crucial for their well-being. Just as you wouldn’t want your pooch cooped up inside on a sunny day, you wouldn’t want them miserable outside on a rainy one—that is why you should opt for a facility that offers both indoor and outdoor access. Not only will your dog be happier (and stay healthier), but you can also rest easy knowing that your pooch is always safe and dry, come rain or shine.

From grooming to daycare, training to boarding, the dog experts at Perfect Pooch in King of Prussia, PA can help keep your pooch happy, no matter the weather. Contact us to schedule a Perfect Pooch service for your perfect pooch today!