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Winter Safety Tips for Dog Owners to Keep Tails Wagging

Posted by admin on November 27, 2019

Winter dog tips

‘Tis the season for snow days with our furry friends! Nothing sounds more “paw-some” than being snowed in and cuddling up under warm blankets with your pup all day long. However, the return of frosty weather can make your pup’s bathroom breaks a lot less enjoyable for the both of you. The pup protectors at Perfect Pooch have some important safety tips for keeping your dog safe this winter, because you’d be surprised by how much the cold weather can negatively impact your four-legged friend.

Limit Outside Time

Depending on how cold temperatures are outside, it’s best to limit how long your dog is outside during the winter months. While their fur is meant to shield themselves from some harsh conditions, your pooch still runs the risk of catching something like hypothermia or frostbite. It’s advised on those nose-nipping, not-so-mild days, to take your dog outside while the sun is shining. The weather won’t be nearly as cold and will offer some warmth when your pet is going about their business.

Watch Out for the Wintry Mix

Once your pooch returns back to the comforts of your home, immediately wipe down their body and paws thoroughly with a towel. Your pup’s toes and fur are likely to pick up typical wintery chemicals, like salt crystals or antifreeze, which can cause major irritation. Not to mention, chemicals like that are extremely poisonous and can be fatal if ingested. You can learn more about winter grooming tips for your dog to see what else you can do to help your pooch stay protected and comfortable!

Maintaining Their Fur Jacket

The length of your dog’s fur is important in keeping them warm both outside and even inside. If their fur is trimmed too short, they lose a great deal of protection from the cold. If it’s left too long, ice and salt can latch on and damage their coat. Finding the right in between is critical and something that doggie groomers know how to do best! Schedule an appointment for grooming services this winter to make your pooch warm and happy.

While your dog can’t outright tell you that he or she is feeling uncomfortably cold, stay alert of the signs that your pooch needs some immediate TLC during the winter months. More importantly, be sure to take all the preventative measures you can to enjoy the snowy season with your pup worry-free! Contact us if you need to speak with our pooch professional today.