Dog and Puppy Training Options

Serving Philadelphia, Delaware County, Chester County, and Montgomery County, Perfect Pooch is the area’s leader for all dog training services. Our certified trainers cover all aspects of dog training, ranging from foundation work for puppies to shaping behavior of older dogs, and everything in between. Our goal is to not only educate your dog, but we also educate you in our training techniques as well. Forget the frustration, call for a free consultation, and allow us to help you achieve timely and lasting results. As we always say, a trained dog is a happy dog.

Enrichment: $45 per Session
Sold individually, these lessons work on one specific behavior or command. Once your dog is dropped off at our facility, our trainers will perform multiple training sessions throughout the day. At the end of the day one of our trainers will have a short one-on-one consultation to explain progress made and future plans.
Private Lessons: $100 per Lesson / $150 per In-Home Lesson
Sold individually, our private lessons are catered to the needs of our client. These one-on-one lessons are with one of our head trainers, and last up to an hour long. During these lessons our trainer will educate both owner, and dog, so they know how to continue the dog’s training following the lesson.


Leash Manners: $350 / $500 (with boarding)

Focusing specifically on leash manners, this package is designed for any owner looking to have a well behaved dog on leash. Included in this package are five days of training at our facility, a go-home lesson, and an hour private lesson at our facility. While your dog is here, we will cover leash walking in a realistic setting, meeting and greeting others, sitting/ behaving nicely when not moving, and more. This package is ideal for: pulling on leash, barking at people or dogs, chasing animals, lunging, and any other on leash issue.

Includes 5 days of training, “go home lesson”, and 1 private follow up lesson.

Basic Obedience Package: $750
This package is designed for anyone looking to teach their dog the basics or shape up their current behaviors and commands. This package lasts seven days in length and includes training, boarding, and daycare (all daycare requires a temperament evaluation prior to use of service). During those seven days, our trainers will teach your dog to walk and behave nicely on leash, go to a dog bed on command and stay there, stop any negative unwanted behavior on command, and we will introduce the come command. On the final day of training, the owner will receive a “go-home” lesson with one of our head trainers, and three private lessons will follow. During those lessons our head trainer will educate the owners in the training techniques used, so that training may continue hassle free.

Includes 7 days of training, “go home” lesson, and 3 private lessons.

Advanced Training Program: $1400
Whether your dog is starting to mature, needs behavioral modification, or just needs advanced training this package is for you. The advanced obedience package is fourteen days in length and includes the boarding, training, and daycare (when applicable). During their stay, each dog is trained to walk nicely on leash, sit automatically when stopping, come, stop unwanted behavior on command, go to a dog bed and stay there on command, sit, lay down, and behave nicely in the home. Because of the intensity of the program, we ask that all dogs be at least six months of age.

Includes 14 days of training, “go-home” lesson, 6 private lessons, a canvas dog bed, and a training collar.

Group Classes: Call for Pricing and Availability

Group classes will be held at our facility and usually last 8 weeks in length. We offer a variety of classes to include: puppy, basic obedience, advanced obedience, sports, agility, and others. Classes vary in time duration, but our typical class is just over an hour long. These fun and social meetings are held here at our facility, and enable levels of distraction to prepare for the real world.