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4 Winter Grooming Tips for Your Dog

Posted by Perfect Pooch on December 17, 2018

Whether you experience dry, cracked, painful skin during the months or not, it’s easy to imagine how uncomfortable and irritating it can be—and it can happen to your poor pooch as well! From trimming their nails to moisturizing their nose, there are steps you can take to help keep your doggy comfortable all winter long. Here are four grooming tips from the experts at Perfect Pooch on how to keep their hair, skin and nails perfectly coiffed and groomed, so they can be happy and healthy this season.

Protect Your Puppy’s Paws

With the winter weather also comes icey and salty surfaces, both of which can irritate your dog’s paw pads. To keep their paw pads from becoming cracked or sore, trim their paw hair—this ensures that snow and ice won’t stick to their paws and create uncomfortable, matted hair. To remove the ice, salt or gravel that accumulates on their paws during walks, rinse their feet with warm water as soon as you’re back home. The brisk winter weather also makes nails more brittle, so prevent painful nail situations by keeping them short. Luckily, full-service groomers can make this maintenance easy!

Rudolph’s Nose Can Light Up, Your Pooch’s Nose Can Get Dry

Cold weather is known for being drying, and this can lead to your poor pup’s nose becoming dry. Not only does a dry nose create discomfort for your pooch, but it can also impact their sense of smell. If you see that their snout is becoming dry and irritated, try applying a soothing snout balm.

Help Your Doggy Dodge Dry Skin

Just like the winter weather can dry out our skin, your dog’s skin can get dry too! To help keep your dog’s skin smooth and itch-free, make sure they stay hydrated by having them drink plenty of water. If you find the air in your home is dry, put moisture back into it by running a humidifier—this will help moisturize your dog’s skin (and yours too!).

Coats Should Be Cut According to the Cold Weather

Remember: your dog’s coat is meant to help keep them warm, so when you bring them in for a grooming, ask to keep their haircut on the longer side. Although you don’t want their hair to be too short during the chillier months, it’s important to get your dog regularly groomed throughout the winter—this will help prevent their hair from getting uncomfortably matted from all the ice, mud, snow and salt they love to roll around in!

At Perfect Pooch, we recognize that every dog and family is unique. We strive to offer a variety of options to fit you and your dogs lifestyle; from daycare and boarding, to grooming and training options. During this chilly season, we are here to provide your pooch with the proper grooming they deserve! Contact us to schedule your appointment and learn about the other services we’re here to offer you and your pup.