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Spring Cleaning: 4 Grooming Tips to Get Your Pooch Ready for Warmer Weather

Posted by Perfect Pooch on March 25, 2019

Winter called for a longer, warmer coat, but the new season means new grooming tips for your pooch to keep them happy and healthy in this warmer weather. While a shorter haircut may be the obvious choice, there are other grooming tips you should know so your pup can roll in the grass, frolic in the sun and romp in the dirt while also being cool and comfy. Here are four tips from the pooch experts at Perfect Pooch to help you get your dog ready for a season of sun and fun!

Help Them Feel Sunny With Lots of Brushing
Whether your pup’s coat is short, medium or long, brushing is the best way to help keep their coat healthy and your pooch happy. Brushing your furry friend frequently (weekly for short hair, every few days for medium, everyday for long) helps remove loose hairs and prevents tangling. Plus, a well-brushed coat can also help decrease the amount they shed in your home—just be sure to brush in the direction the hair grows. If you come across tangles or mats, forcing a brush through them can be painful to your pooch—that’s why it’s best to bring your pup in to be groomed by a professional.

Keep Them Feeling Easy-Breezy With Consistent Grooming
Warmer weather means that it’s time to get your doggy a shorter haircut. Not only does a shorter cut makes it easier for you to see insect bites, ticks and skin irritations, but it also makes it easier for you to be able to treat them. And with the warmth of spring and heat of summer around the corner, dogs who have longer haircuts tend to get exhausted and uncomfortable from overheating. So to keep your dog happy and healthy all spring and summer long, bringing them in for a regular grooming is key. Just be sure to keep an eye on your canine companion when they’re having fun in the sun, because a short haircut means they’re more prone to sunburn.

Help Their Winter Skin Spring Back With Conditioning Products
If your poor pooch suffered from dry skin this winter, now is the perfect time to give your BFF a little more TLC. Giving your dog a quick bath at home? Be sure to opt for moisturizing bathing products—this will help alleviate any dry skin they’re still coping with. If you’re bringing them in for a grooming service so they can get bathed, blown out and their ears cleaned and nails clipped, then be sure to request that the groomer use a skin soothing conditioning product.

Keep a Spring in Their Step With Short Paw Hair
Just as it’s recommended to keep their body hair short, springtime is an important time to keep their paw hair short, too. Because outdoor activity increases for your dog during these warmer months, their paws can quickly get matted with dirt, sticks and other outdoor objects, creating a painful situation for them. Not comfortable trimming your own furry friend’s footsies? Let a grooming expert take care of it for you!

Ready to get your pooch pampered and prepped for the upcoming warm weather? Bring them into Perfect Pooch! With a full range of grooming services such as bathing, blow drying, brushing, shaving, ear cleaning and nail clipping, we guarantee your pooch will look and feel its best all spring long. Call us today to schedule a grooming appointment!