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The Long and Short of It: How to Find The Perfect Hairstyle For Your Pooch

Posted by Perfect Pooch on June 17, 2019

The Long and Short of It: How to Find The Perfect Hairstyle For Your Pooch

Make sure your pooch is rocking the paw-fect hairstyle this summer! Your pups appearance is a reflection of his or her personality and style, so it’s important that your pooch is presented in a way that represents who they are. The first step to showing off your pup is choosing the right hairstyle. Although there are a variety of different options to choose from, the grooming experts at Perfect Pooch know which one is the best for yours, so your pup is guaranteed to look—and feel—great!

The Puppy Cut

The puppy cut is the most typical haircut for dogs, as it works well and looks good with all breeds. This cut consists of a basic trim of your pups hair all around. Most dogs are familiar with this style as it is the most common and easiest hairstyle for your pooch to get adjusted to. If you have a busy lifestyle, the puppy cut is probably your best bet because this cut requires minimal maintenance on a daily basis. If your dog is rocking this cut, all that’s needed is some simple brushing to keep your pooch in perfect condition between grooming visits.

Retriever Cut

This fabulous “retriever” style is usually done on dogs with long, curly hair. This style helps to keep your puppy’s fur more manageable and low-key. Dogs who typically get this cut are similar to natural-haired golden retrievers. This hair clipping is rather short—about an inch long—and the hair on the dog’s face and tail is also trimmed very thin. This style is perfect for summer because it keeps your long-haired dogs pampered, cool and comfortable in the heat.

Teddy Bear Cut

The teddy bear cut is a hot commodity amongst pooches. This cut gives your pooch a fluffy and soft look making them paw-fect for cuddling sessions! It is a generic mix between the retriever and puppy cut. The hair on the body grows is the same as the Puppy Cut, but the face and tail are trimmed a tad shorter for style and cleanliness. This cut is very “fur-satile” and allows your pooch to rock his or her natural summer glow!

Poodle Cut

You guessed it! This hairstyle is most common for poodles and its main goal is to show off the poodle’s hind legs. The hair on the rear, legs, toes and top of the tail and face is shaved, leaving a ball of hair at the end of the tail to create the classic pom-pom look. The rest of the hair gets trimmed to your own personal preference. If you have a poodle, polish up your pal with this classic, fresh cut!

Keep Your Pooch’s Hairstyle Intact

When deciding on a haircut, it’s important to keep up with your preferred style so your pooch stays in top-tier shape all summer long.

Three quick tips for maintaining your pooches haircut:

  • Shampoo your pooch’s coat two-three times a week to keep it clean and shiny.
  • You should brush your pooch’s hair every day, in the morning and at night to keep it glowing.
  • When washing your pooch, apply conditioner for a silky coat

Aside from these 4 styles, there are of course many other hairstyles/cuts you can choose for your pooch. Pampering your dog and selecting a style is an essential part of your job as an owner! Not sure which style will best suit your dog? Consult the grooming experts at Perfect Pooch in King of Prussia, PA! Contact them today to schedule your appointment.